Well, I'm back from vacation and everything went very well.  It was much needed.  We stay at a little family run hotel in South Myrtle Beach called the Mystic Sea :

Yes, it's sits between many large resorts and though it's nothing fancy it is clean and the staff are very nice.
The weather was great the whole time we were there with only one night of storms.  The days were very hot and the ocean water was very warm.  It seemed the vacationers at our hotel were the "pick" for the jellyfish..one gentleman was stung by a very large one - he said he actually saw it - tentacles and all!!!  There were three others that had the jellyfish encounter as well, we fortunately did not.  This was the first year we were ever there that this happened.

We visited Broadway At The Beach and went to the Ripley's Aquarium .  I love aquariums as I appreciate marine life - it's so beautiful:

I absolutely love stingrays, and they have a whole pool of them, there's even a petting pool!!!

Around the corner is the tank with no petting pool for obvious reasons - lol!!!  I'm sure you're wondering (as I was) if the sharks eat the other fish in the tank.....they said sometimes that happens but rarely as they keep all the marine life very well fed.


The shark tank is very cool as it's huge and you walk through a tunnel and they're all around you!!!

More tomorrow!!!