V A C A T I O N - More!

Below is the octopus, he (she?) was kind of stuck to the tank in the corner and hard to get a photograph of.  Apparently it's very smart.  It eats shrimp and they sometimes will enclose the shrimp in lego type blocks.  The first time it took awhile to get the blocks apart, but the next time it only needed to pull away one block to get the shrimp!!!!  (this was all told to us by a worker there, we didn't see it):


As fascinating as marine life is - that is one ugly form of life!!!!

Below is what is called Sea Dragons .  They are beautiful and fascinating. 


Here's an unpopular creature, but beautiful anyway...the brochure says they are mostly made up of water:

The Eels tend to hide in rocks (who can blame them???):



If you ever visit Myrtle Beach, make sure to stop by this aquarium located at Broadway At The Beach.  And if you have kids - they'll love it!!!