It's Been An Interesting Day

No recipe today as all my cookbooks are at the new house in boxes.  I should be completely moved in by this weekend.

My step-daughter *did* go back to college with the attitude to try to finish this semester.  She's going to look for someone to take her place at the off-campus housing, as long as she pays to the end of the lease they'll remove her name from it, so in the event there's any damage, she won't be responsible.  She's also thinking of dropping a class or two so she can catch up better in her studies.  Time will tell.....

It's been a really weird day in "Kevin Spacey Fan Land" today.  Apparently Kevin visited Venezuela and had dinner with President Hugo Chavez.  This has caused horror in spaceyland.  Some will no longer be his fan and are no longer going to post on his fan boards and there have been a ton of posts, by those that normally don't post on Kevin's board at, are yelling "treason".  Amazing how he's being "judged" (doesn't God teach against that?) and has been tried and convicted when there isn't any evidence of wrong doing.  Actually a more detailed story surfaced this afternoon:

My take?  Kevin is visiting Latin America; because of who he is - he's being giving the "red carpet" treatment; there was chit-chat about politics, the cinema-project and cacao.  

Some feel that if he chooses to do a film there, he's doing nothing more than "greasing the palm" of a terrible person.  Ummm.... this may come as a surprise to alot of you, BUT movies/tv have been filming all over the world for decades, and yes, even in countries that are ruled by dictators.  Those countries do make money from it.  I bet most of you have seen one or more of those movies without realizing it.  If you feel so strongly against should of spoke up long ago.  Of course there is the fact that other celebrities are mentioned in the post and no one is asking for them to be deported.

Though I do believe in everyone's right to an opinion, and I do know most of the posts at imdb are just people trying to p*ss spacey fans off....I do think this whole thing has gotten completely out of hand - and why is it more newsworthy than the War in Iraq for example????

Another funny thing is he's doing a movie called "Recount" which is based on the 2000 U.S. presidential election and the subsequent recounts in Florida.   Someone at Legacy posted:
re the whole recount issue...LET IT GO! This happened almost 8 years ago and people are still not over it?!

I thought "Let it go"?  "8 years ago - still not over it"?   With that philosophy we should:

Let go of September 11, 2001 (that was 7 years ago); how about we let go of: Vietnam, World War I & II, Korean War, Civil War, Revolutionary War, etc.......  I can't believe anyone would make a comment like that - Let go of history????

None-the-less, I'm an American and a Spacey Fan.  If that bothers you, read elsewhere.