A few months ago I was reading the Reader's Digest and they listed an online group called Freecycle .  These are Yahoo groups where people offer items for free that they no longer want, thus the "free" in the name and "cycle" meaning recycle.  The object is, of course, that instead of cluttering up the landfills with items - recycle it to another person.

If you go to the site (click on the Freecycle in the first paragraph), it will lead you to groups in or around your area.  I chose to sign up for my local one as well as some neighboring ones (as most people do I've noticed).  I had actually forgotten about them, until we started to move.  We had this huge Sectional Sleeper Sofa that just was not going to fit in the living room at the new house, plus it was old, stained and the cats had clawed the one end to death...however, it was comfortable and I thought maybe someone may use it for a hunting cabin or in a basement.  So I took the chance and posted it on the site.  I'm not lying when I say that within 30 seconds, I had an email from someone wanting it!!! And three hours later they were at my house getting it.

Another posting allowed at Freecycle is if you're looking for a certain item.  I noticed a posting for someone needing a full size mattress and boxspring...well we had one in the basement we weren't going to have room for.  I emailed the person, she wanted it...we put it on the front porch and she picked it up today. 

So I thought I'd share that site with everyone in the event you don't know it's there.  And there are sites available in other countries as well, so for those not living in the U.S. you should check it out.


  • Thursday, September 27. 2007 Kim wrote:
    I love Freecycle. I've never given or gotten from it, but I love reading them!


  1. This will be really beneficial offer for the poor people who can offered and yahoo has really done a good work by introducing such recycle scheme.


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