This, That and Some Other Things

Been busy and not here nearly like I should be.  So an update:

We close on the house September 14th.  We have until November 1st to move out of the rental so we've plenty of time.  Owner has promised us that there will be no "For Sale" signs or "House Showings" until we are completely moved out.  This has somewhat upset the Realtor (same guy that appraised) as he keeps pressuring her to move faster.  He even had the nerve to ask her to tell us to remove all small animals from the premises as that makes for bad selling....hmmmm...what part of "no for sale sign or house showing until we're completely out" did he not understand?????

I do hope, however, that she has not disclosed to him the price she offered the house to us.  Here's a home buying tip to everyone out there....Don't pick the realtor who's photo is being shown with the house you want to see.  Why?  That realtor has already been contracted by the seller and therefore is selling with THEIR best interest in mind, not the buyer's.  Find a realtor that will have YOUR interest in mind.  That doesn't mean you can't use the same real estate office or that you can't look at any listings under your realtor.....but just keep that thought in mind - who were they working for first??? 

In my opinion, this particular realtor is pressuring because he already knows someone looking for a house in this area.  If she's told him of the offers that she's made to us...that let's him know what she's willing to accept.  See?  He's already working with the buyer......

Some people are so behind of my co-workers walks in my office to ask a question this week and notices the photo of Kevin and I on my bulletin board.  He says, "The guy in that picture with you looks just like Kevin Spacey."   I said, "That's because it is Kevin Spacey."   Where's he been????   He works with me!!  One of the guys from the other division gives tours to people to my office to show that picture....some people need to keep up!!

Leaving for vacation on Friday, heading to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  They'll only be updates if I can get an internet connection.  Our hotel is an older family run one and doesn't offer that service, but 2 brand new resorts were completed last year and are now open and sit right next to our hotel.  If they have free wireless service, I may be able to get a connection.