House Hunting 101, Part 6 - House #4

Okay, maybe the next one has some potential.....This one boasts central air, replacement windows, new roof,
4 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bath.  Two of the bedrooms are in the finished attic. 

As always, let's start outside:

With this one, we're giving up yard space.  The yard is very small.  There's a one car parking space in the back, but we decided that with the yard as small as it is to begin with, why not take out the tree and have 2 spaces back there.  That's actually an alley that runs along side of the house.  The neighbor told us that the city is very good about clearing that in the winter and that it doesn't get alot of traffic.


Well, it's a basement - we weren't expecting anything more.


I'm a kitchen person remember???  This particular one is a nice size, has red in the floor design (my chosen color for a kitchen), a new "clean" refrigerator and stove (though I'm taking my 2 oven stove with me) and <drum roll> a DISHWASHER!!!!!  I've always wanted one of those!!!  The kitchen was actually an addition to the house at some point, we're assuming what is now the dining room was the original kitchen.

This picture of the dining room is unfortunately fuzzy, not big - but we don't use the dining room anyway.

Below is the bathroom, very small but it's a bathroom..... next to that is the back bedroom on the first floor.


The living room:


The largest bedroom - first floor, right off the living room.

The 2 bedrooms on the upper floor.  Low ceilings but we figured one could be my office and the other the guinea pig/rabbit room!!  Love the hardwood floor in the first one.


Both of us said later that we noticed that each of us kept referring to this house as if it were our's already!!!  So out of the 4 we looked at, naturally you know which one we chose!!!


  • Tuesday, August 07. 2007 Liss wrote:
    I like the entryway. It gives a feeling of having a hall entrance to the house instead of opening the door and already standing in the middle of the living room. Which is what I do. I also like the windows in the kitchen. I only have one window over the sink that won't open.
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  • Wednesday, August 08. 2007 Barbara wrote:
    Tell us more about the guinea pig/rabbit room and your pets! We are avid rabbit lovers, currently have a siamese sable Netherlands dwarf that we adopted last year from the House Rabbit Society.
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  • Wednesday, August 08. 2007 Kim wrote:
    I like it, L! I was talking to your mom today at the church about what you two were gonna do. This house seems to mostly need a couple of coats of paint but other than that, it looks homey!
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