House Hunting 101, Part 5 - House #3

This particular house has been my top contender.  I love an old house.  It's in a very nice in-town neighborhood and there's a park nearby.  This house boasts 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, kitchen, dining room and living room and was built in 1908.

Below is the front of the house, the back, the back yard and the flagstone back porch (the front porch is done the same way):



At the end of the yard, you'll notice a building.  That's a garage, below is the inside of it.  Pretty bad.  During one of our drivebys we had said that would be torn down.  The realtor told us today that that is what the owner is going to do.

We're going to start from the bottom, these are the 3 rooms in the basement.  You can't see it in the first photo, but there is a shower stall in there!!!  This is also the room where the washer/dryer hook up is.  The middle picture is the middle room, you can see some water damage around the bottom.  This particular room leads to the outside, so water may be coming in from there.  The last room is the furnace room.  The furnace was new.


The first photo below is off the kitchen and is what's considered the dining room.  The second is the living room.  Both rooms are nice sized and with older houses have high ceilings.


The one thing this house wasn't lacking was a kitchen.  It was huge and a table would have no problem fitting in here.  Better yet, how about a big island going down the center of it?  Don't let the photos fool you though.  The walls and cabinets are filthy and some areas look as though there's mold on them.  What the pictures don't show is a hole in the ceiling above the cabinets.  Apparently there's a leak from the bathroom above ( a bad one).



And now it's time to head up the stairs.  I loved the stained glass window there!!


Below are the 3 bedrooms and bathroom.  You can't tell from the picture but anyone tall (hubby for example) could really hit their head going into the bathroom if not careful.  The slanted ceiling is causing that!!!



Below is a lot that sits next to the house.  We assumed it went with the house on the other side - nope it comes with this one!!!  Nice addition!!!

This house is still my top contender.  We just couldn't take it off the list.  But we did have to realize that it required more than a good cleaning, paint and new carpet/flooring that we could do.  It also is in need of a new roof and replacement windows and then there is that leak.    So though the top contender...we had to pass.

  • Wednesday, August 08. 2007 Kim wrote:
    I like this house alot, though it does need some work. Any chance of asking the leak to be repaired and for the price to come down due to the roof needing to be replaced?


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