House Hunting 101, Part 4 - House #2

Today we went to look at 3 more houses.  Please keep in mind that we are looking at older homes built in the 1950's.  That basically means no gourmet kitchen, no open floor plan, no huge family room, no bedroom "suites" and small bathrooms with no double sinks or whirlpool tubs.

The first one is the one situated outside of town.  It boasts 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, combo kitchen/dining room, basement and partially finished attic.  This time I remembered to bring the camera along.

This is the front of the house, the back and the back yard.  The back porch is enclosed and partially finished.

Below is the partially finished attic.  Though it is not easy to tell from the picture, alot of work has been done here and it will make a very nice room.

This is the kitchen.  It's really not a whole lot bigger than what you are looking at so I'm not sure where they expect you to put a table (since it's a combo kitchen/dining room).  For some reason there's two sets of cabinets, nice wood ones and old white metal ones.  Not sure what's going on there.  I'm a kitchen person when it comes to houses.  It doesn't have to be a gourmet kitchen or even large, but it does need to be workable.  But the cabinets are a minor decor inconvenience until you have new ones put in.

This is the living room.  Decent size, carpet not the greatest but that's replaceable.  Dining table could go at the end closest to the kitchen.

Below are the 2 bedrooms.  First thing I noticed was no closet space.  Actually each room had a metal wardrobe for that purpose.  Obviously they aren't large.


Below is the bathroom from 2 angles.  Tub is blue to match the sink.  I really liked the shelving around the sink.


Below is the basement.  We could find a washer hook-up but no dryer hook-up (though we agreed the best place for those would be on the enclosed back porch).  There were two small puddles of water.  That was a flag.  A closer look showed a concrete drench going around the bottom of the walls to the floor drain...obviously there's a water problem.  Once outside we noticed the roof was old and not going to last much longer.


Despite the potential of this house, the basement and roof bothered us somewhat.  I picked up a flier lying in the kitchen and later noticed that the owner of the house was the same man that owned the last house we looked at (little green one, a couple of posts back).  I always thought real estate investors purchased properties and fixed them up!!!  This guy apparently buys them, does cheap fixes, starts projects to be finished by buyer and basically sells "as is".  I can't see how he is making money here.  I thought of the tv show "Sell This House"...and thought he should bring those people in and let them show him how it's done!!!

This house was a no.