House Hunting 101 - Part 3

Alrighty, no house "inside" looking today.  This whole business has us somewhat stressed, thus making work miserable and just dealing with complete "burn out".  I had to leave work early today, I couldn't concentrate and I just wanted to be out of I left.

None-the-less we headed out of town to drive by another.  It would add another 20 minutes to my already 30 minute drive to work, but the price range is right.  We added it to the list for an inside look.  Then it was back to town, stopped by one we'd driven by before, spent time talking to the neighbor.  This particular house means an extremely small back yard, but that's just less hassle if you ask us.  This is the one that is "move in" ready.  From the internet pictures, I'm not completely found of some of the "decor" but it can be solved with paint.  It is also the only one with central air.  This house is being advertised as "brick" and indeed it looks like white brick.  The neighbor informs us that it is actually "stucco" and the brick is actually "stamped" in it and thus looks like brick.  The neighbor says he's lived there since 1959 and watched them do it when it was built (and he's the retired Chief of Police - why would he lie?).  This house just became more of the top contender...apparently it's being misrepresented (possibly by accident) and I see the price coming down.  And it's already reasonably priced.  It also has a basement AND the attic is finished into 2 rooms.  There's also 2 bedrooms in the downstairs, meaning there's room for everything!!!  It moves to the top of the list.

We drive by my "top" contender again.  It's not quite as special now.  I notice the enclosed back porch is rotting, all the windows are covered with plastic from the inside (guess keeping heat in and cold air out is an issue), but we decide to keep it on the list anyway, as well as the one "out of town" from yesterday.

When we got home hubby called a realtor and left a message (it was late).  I guess I'll have more of a decision of what's going on this weekend.  We then have to look at all our financing options.

Financing is the hunting is exciting when you have money for a down payment...but when you're being practically forced into it and there's no money, it becomes stressful.  Trust me, we're learning and yes there are down payment programs and such available , it's getting the seller to agree to them (because basically what the organization gives you for the down payment, the seller has to reimburse back to the organization - it's a round about way of having the seller pay for the down payment - though all the programs claim that isn't true).  So we'll see....

I'll enjoy vacation a whole lot better if this nightmare is over by then.

  • Friday, August 03. 2007 Kim wrote:
    L, you may already know this, but stucco is a pain in the ass. Our house was stucco when we bought it and the crap flakes off or falls off in chunks and has to be redone. We did some financing with a company two years ago and got siding and windows.
    There are also first time buyers programs with real estate. If you have never purchased before, make sure you check into that!


  1. Financing is definitely a headache because this financial system is totally wrong. Money going to the money makers and poor are getting poor. Middle class is going hand into mouth.


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