House Hunting 101, Part 2 - House #1

Well this evening we went to the little green house to look inside.  This was hubby's top contender just from seeing it from the outside and the details from the internet.

It's only 840 square feet.  It's small.  I was somewhat worried how 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and bath were fitting in there.  As always, the house was bigger than it looked once inside.  My thoughts:

The lot itself:  Nice size, room to expand on the house.  Neighborhood though not ideal, is not bad for being "in town" (unfortunately, living "outside of town" has made us somewhat snobs - lol).

Living room:  New carpet, smaller than what we have currently, but large enough to satisfy.

Bedroom 1:  This is considered the "Master".  Very small, no king size bed is going to fit in here.

Bedroom 2:  Smaller yet, but could make a decent office.

Bathroom:  Think closet here...and the bathtub/shower need replaced.

Dining Room:  Small but doable.

Kitchen:  Small but workable, except......the stove is "built in" (I want to take my stove with me).  The sink is ancient and the refrigerator was filthy and had piles of baking soda lying in it.

Basement:  Definitely had been water in there recently and not just in one area.

Partial finished attic:  Yeah, who were we kidding here.  Someone had started it at one time (apparently a very long time ago) and now it would just need redone entirely.

Closets:  There might as well not of been any.

I found it hard to believe that the owner had purchased this at public sale as an "investment".  The only updates were new carpet in the living room and Master bedroom.  Nothing else had been updated or cleaned for that matter.

Hubby begins to think:  "We could expand at some point." (yeah when?  10 years from now?);  "Second bedroom could be your office and we could add some wardrobes in there as well." (my desk alone would take up the whole room).

I asked the obvious, "Where are my guinea pigs and rabbits going?"  Hmmmm.....he forgot about them (originally we had thought attic or basement).  He then decides to move my office to the dining room and put the pets in the spare bedroom "temporarily".  The pets won't all fit in the spare bedroom either....and I want my dining room!!!  And I think hubby knows that asking me to have to give them up will just push me right over the edge.  We leave deciding that that isn't the house for us - thankfully.

We then drove by my choice house again.  Hmmmm...there are two women there walking around it - don't like that.  There's a light on in the basement, hubby takes a quick look; despite the age of the house the basement is nicer and drier than the one we just looked at.  He agrees it is worth a look.

We drive back out to another we had driven at before.  Hubby decides that that is his top contender now.  I see alot of potential with this one too.  And the neighborhood is quiet and nice and well, it's outside of town.  It's biggest problem is that the siding is "asbestos", basically meaning that if we ever want to replace it (which it needs), the expensive specialists have to come in.

So today, he's to be making appointments to see those two, plus another we had driven by and another we found on the internet.

Fortunately, none are listed with the realtor that appraised our current home.