The Mouse

I got to work the other day at around 7:30 a.m.  Mary had beat me by 5 minutes and we ran reports and processed the morning paperwork.  Since the office doesn't open to 8:00, we got ourselves and the garage mechanic coffee and headed to the garage for a break.

We went out the inner door and just chatting away.  Mary's hands were holding both her and the mechanic's coffee, so I, having a free hand, went to reach for the handle of the outer door.  Glad I looked down before grabbing it.  I came to an immediate halt.

Me:      Mary, don't touch that door.
Mary:   What?
Me:      Don't touch the door.  Look at the handle!
Mary:   OMG!!

There on the DOOR HANDLE sat a mouse - glaring at us!!!

I opened the door to the right instead (that leads into the garage).  Sam (mechanic) and a Deputy were in there.

Mary:   Let me through the door, I'm not staying in here.
Me:      Sam, come here immediately!!
Sam:   What?
Me:      Come here!!
Sam:   What?!
Me:      Look at the door handle!!!
Sam:   There is no way!! (after finally noticing the mouse)

I'm not kidding you when I say that mouse never moved from the handle, he just sat there looking at us as if to dare us to touch the handle.

Needless to say, the mouse had "death by broom" courteous of Sam. 

I'm an animal lover, you didn't think I'd kill it - did ya????


  • Monday, July 30. 2007 Kim wrote:
    I couldn't have let Sam kill it! Poor little mouse! And he was like a stunt mouse! I'll bet not every mouse could get on a freakin' door handle! You should have gotten him an agent! Think of all the trips to London you could have financed with that!