House Hunting 101 - Part 1

Okay it's time to start the house hunting process.  This week we've been pulling them off the internet and driving around, and if empty, looking in windows.  We have a list of 4 we want to see that are in a price range we think is affordable for us.

Hubby is drawn to a little 2 bedroom rancher in town.  The neighbor lady was very nice and an animal lover.  It's on a decent size lot for being in town and there is growth potential with it.

Another is outside of town in a little neighborhood.  The boy next door told us it had been empty for some time.  The kitchen is extremely small and has white metal AND wood cabinets going on in it - shame it's not all the wood.  Carpet in living room is dated as well.  However, it does look as though it has potential so we thought it's worth a look.  After all, cabinets can be replaced and well, we learned to lay carpet when we did the room in the basement.

Me?  I'm drawn to an older 1908 house.  It apparently has set empty for a long time.  The kitchen is huge.  The neighbor down the street said that it had been rented the past few months and the renters didn't take care of it - that was obvious when I saw a board in place of a window pane.  There also seems to be this huge (refrigerator size) black box sitting in the kitchen and we couldn't figure out what it was or what it may be hiding (and the kitchen already has a refrigerator and oven)!!! It does have a beautiful flagstone back porch patio though and the yard is fenced and a decent size.  The biggest eyesore is the garage, it's ready to collapse and we both agreed the best thing there is to tear it down and be done with it.

Though neither of us admitted it, the best of the lot is another little rancher in town.  On a small lot, it is move in ready and updated.  It also has central air which we've grown accustomed to.  So it's on the list as well.

There's a few more I want to drive by as well.  They're about 10 miles out of town, but you seem to get more home at a decent price there.

Still sad, but dealing with it.