Harper's Ferry, WV

Yesterday was my anniversary and Hubby and I decided to spend it in Harpers Ferry, WV.   We spent one of our first dates there and in case you ask - "What made you go there?"  I think it was because we went for a drive and just ended up there (it's only an hour drive away).  When we got married we honeymooned at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD, but on the way there, stopped in Harpers Ferry.  It's a nice quaint little place that we like.  Another addition is that we could bring the Toby dog with us.

Harpers Ferry is a historical landmark, and anyone familiar with Civil War history is familiar with all that happened there.  When I was in school, we always took bus trips there.  The bus pulled up in the parking lot and dropped everyone off.  Several years ago, they put in a visitors center 2 1/2 miles past the park.  You can park there and shuttles take you to the historical area (which is the lower town....).  Parking is very limited in "lower town" (where the school buses dropped you off is now for the shuttle service only). 

Anyway, we heading to the visitors center.  Since we had Toby we knew we couldn't shuttle, so we parked in the back and followed the sign to a path in the woods towards the "lower town".  This was a nice path (though steep) and steps had been made out of stones to help.  We reach the bottom and come out at a rode - no sign.  But there IS a pedestrian walkway going across the road, and we can see a path through the woods.  We head that way....now we come out at a railroad track (no sign)...we cross, enter the next woods.  Now the path is practical weed overgrown and we decide we definitely have missed something.  We head back - no signs UNTIL we get back to the hill leading to the parking lot (and the sign states that).  But, here's that hill, and it was fairly easy coming down, but by this time I'm gasping for breath.  We start up....I go first.  We're not that far up when my legs decided we had had enough.  I drop to a stone step...we have to sit for 20 minutes until my legs are workable again.  We get to the parking lot and have to rest in the car.  At this point, hubby decided we were going to drive down to the park and take our chances. 

We drive down and there's no parking anywhere - people have even MADE their own parking spaces - no free spaces what-so-ever.  We gave up, and started out the other way and find a little parking lot off in the corner about 1/2 mile up from "lower town".  It was full, but someone was pulling out - so we lucked out.  We parked and walked the path back to the park (all level ground, so I was okay). 

Because Harpers Ferry is "historical", I was amazed at the number of people dragging their kids around as if they thought this was enjoyable for them.  Since we had Toby we weren't able to go in the shops, museums and such...but we didn't really need to do that.  We came across The Iron Horse Café and decided to eat lunch.  Toby was welcome at the restaurant as long as we sat at an outside table (there was another dog there as well) and since the day was beautiful that wasn't a problem.  From there we went to The Swiss Miss and got ice cream cones.  However as soon as we sat down, a train went by and that freaked Toby out, so he couldn't even concentrate on his ice cream.  I had to throw the $3.50 cone away (and I keep letting him know the price).

We eventually walked along the river back to our car.  I suggest this path rather than the one along the rode, as it's shaded and quiet.  We then headed home.  I was extremely tired.  It was a nice day but I DID get some poison ivy (or oak or sumac...not sure which)...hopefully I can control this one little patch (I attract this stuff like you wouldn't believe).

Here's some pictures: