The Walmart Photo Lab Experience

Once home from NY, I loaded my pictures from the camera to my computer and downloaded them to the Walmart Photo Website to order prints. Yes, I know I could print them off at home, HOWEVER, there were so many I figured it would cost me a print cartridge I should just have them printed. I chose the Waynesboro store and paid in advance online. I was told the photos would be ready by 7:45 p.m. on 06/12/07 (which was the date I was ordering them).

Course I knew I wouldn't pick them up at that time and I didn't get there the next day either. So today, I stop at Walmart and go to the photo counter (remember it's now the 14th - 2 days later and I paid for 1-hour photo prints).

Photo counter is very busy, plus there are contract workers throughout the store driving motorized ladders around practically running people over (no beeps or warnings if you're in the way). Once they reached their destination, the ladder would go up and they began drilling at the ceiling - somehow this seemed to be a safety hazard to me. But that was the least of my worries.....

Photo counter is busy and ONE person is working. When it finally got to be my turn, the girl couldn't find my photos ANYWHERE. She insisted that I apparently had chosen the wrong store online and since I didn't have my confirmation with me, she couldn't help. So back home I go, find the confirmation and go back to Walmart to the photo counter which is now busier.

She finally gets to me a second time and proceeds to look it up. As soon as she pulls the confirmation up online a label prints out and miraculously the developer begins to shoot out my photos. She then tries to tell me I apparently did not CONFIRM the order online and it must of happened when she did it. I then asked her to explain how I had gotten a confirmation number if the order wasn't confirmed??? She had no answer, but agreed that the order had been placed 2 days ago, was promised by 7:45 p.m. 2 days ago and was never processed.

While I'm waiting for the photos to be developed, another employee shows up behind the counter. "Officially" she was on break and shouldn't be behind the counter she advised me, but she stopped to help and then offered this advice to me: The photos have a guarantee to be ready by a certain time and of course mine were not...therefore I'm entitled to a full refund (since they were prepaid) and I could do that online or stop by customer service on my way out.

I get my photos and head to customer service, explain what I had been told. They all have blank looks on their faces, they find a supervisor. She calls the photo department, the girl that told me that is now gone and the original clerk does confirm that my photos were not ready on time but says the "refund" was between the other employee and me and she has nothing to do with it. They call a Manager and he authorizes the refund.
By this time, they have the name of the employee who gave me this information and apparently the information is wrong and they also informed me that you cannot get refunds ONLINE.

I got the refund and they were nice to me about it, but some employee is in allot of trouble....

Friday, June 15. 2007 Barbara wrote:
It all starts at the top. A company that does not care about its employees is not going to give good customer service. I just read that pilferage is way up in Wal-Mart's stores, a lot of it by employees, because they cut back on security personnel. Some workers are responsible, also, for their dishonesty and lack of work ethic. As they are considered disposable, there's not much incentive to do a good job. Despite all that, I put up with them and shop there occasionally, because I can afford their prices.

Monday, June 18. 2007 Joanne wrote:I've had bad experiences with them too, Laura. This was with my London pictures. But....I didn't do it through the website. I took in the memory chip AND rolls of film that I took the traditional way. I got a mess. Some included the CD (which I ordered on all of them) some included ONLY the CD and no prints. The double charged me on one roll and didn't print all the pictures on the memory chip. I didn't get negatives on some of the rolls. It was a complete mess. It took me four trips back to the store before I got all my photos -- I think. Never again. I use Snapfish now and love them.

~ Joanne