It Doesn't Really Matter.....Really!!!

Being a Spacey Fan means you put up with quite a load of crap from others in one area.  On a daily basis someone walks in my office, sees a picture of him and says "You know he's gay, right?" I don't know he's gay and neither does the person making the's just a common belief that he may be because he chooses not to discuss his personal life.  When I go to the defensive....I hear "Didn't you see the pictures of he and that guy in the Hollywood hills in "put any tabloid name here" magazine?   Yes, I would believe just about anything that appears in a tabloid (rolling eyes) and since back in the 90's it was proven they often impose two separate pictures together to make one, I can't take that as proof.  Or they have the:  "His looks and mannerisms are gay."  What exactly are "gay looks and mannerisms",  I have to laugh at the mannerisms part as the person normally saying this possesses some of those mannerisms themselves.  Or there's "How about that mugging incident in London?"  Yeah, well what about it?  Only gays get mugged in London?  Or the ever popular:  "He's never been photographed with a woman."  Oh really?  Tell that to Diane Dreyer, Sheryl Crow, Mini Driver, Helen Hunt and a bunch of other unnamed women he's photographed with on many of the photo websites throughout the years.

For the most part the above is done in a teasing way, especially when it comes to my co-workers and friends, but on occasion you come across those people that really want to push your buttons.  Those people are normally the faceless, nameless ones on the internet.  Over on the board a day doesn't go by that a new thread doesn't go up insisting he come out of the closet, or someone has a friend of a friend of a friend that Kevin's hit on (always male), or they know someone that works for Kevin that says he's gay (so much for those privacy contracts you normally sign when working for a celebrity).  You get the picture.  Some of the fan owned Kevin boards do discuss this issue in a more civilized manner, but my favorite fan board "Legacy" (at Yahoo groups) chooses to not allow this type of discussion.  The moderators feel that since Kevin doesn't discuss it, the board doesn't discuss it.  We as fans need to respect his privacy.  And I must agree.

I know Kevin has dated women, I know there are speculations regarding his personal life, I know he does not discuss his personal life.  But if Kevin were gay, it wouldn't change my opinion of him - why should it?  He'll still be a great actor, he'll still be a great person and he'd still walk out the stage door after every show and sign autographs, and he'd still be straight in my fantasies.   The only way that "gay" issue could affect anything is in a "sexual" sense.  I know I'm never going to sleep with or be married to Kevin Spacey, so his sexual orientation has no emphasis on my being a fan.  However, if I'm a fan that believes that I WILL be with Kevin one day, well....I've crossed the line from fan to stalker and I guess that issue would be a problem (among other things)....but there is no other reason that THAT should affect whether you're a fan or not.

I had another fan tell me that Kevin stated several years ago that he wasn't gay (he did) and that if it would turn out that he is gay, well she'd lose all respect as that means he's lied to all of us.   Ummmmm....okay....can I give you a quote from an interview Kevin did last year for Elle (UK) '06: 

Question:   But isn't the quid pro quo of fame that you get the acclaim and riches, the audience gets to know the star? Kevin:  'I'd look any fan in the eye, and say you have no right to anything from me except the best performance I can give.' >>


Or how about the recent interview with Gotham Magazine (Summer 2007):

G: Don't you think it's unusual that you've been able to keep your personal life private?
It's rare, yes. I was just raised really well by parents who said, "You have a right to design your life the way you want." I think people need to embrace the idea that every human being is different. So I'm different! So embrace my difference and allow me to live my life as every person ought to be able to live--which is how they choose. And I'm living my life how I choose. In no way, shape, or form am I hiding, or am I terrified. I'm having the time of my life living my life. I just happen to believe that there's a public life and there's a private life. Everybody has a right to a private life no matter what their profession is. I don't think any degree of bizarre social pressure or media intrusion [means] I have to participate.

But of course he's best quote is:  "I find it sad that by not talking about who I sleep with, that makes me mysterious. There was a time when I would have been called a gentleman."
In my opinion, you're not much of a fan if this issue matters to you.  I'm also tired of the people (you know who you are) that keep trying to push him out of the closet.  I didn't have to make a statement that I'm heterosexual, so neither does he.  In this day and age, this issue shouldn't matter.  And if someone is gay, and chooses to not disclose that - they should have that right.  Case closed.