De Plane, De Plane!!

As my regular readers know, flying is a new experience for me. After the smoothness of last month, I expected everything to be a breeze this time. Alrighty then......

The flight to NY was uneventful. The flight home, however.....

I arrived at JFK in plenty of time for my flight - 2 hours a head of time as a matter of fact (it's what is recommended, but not really needed). Take-off time was 11:10 a.m. At about 10:55 a.m. we began to wonder why we hadn't started to board. Then the announcement came explaining there was an electrical problem on the plane and we were delayed pending repairs. Hmmmm....they didn't keep us updated. As a matter of fact they just kept putting "teaser" times on the board. At about 12:00 Noon, a few of us decided to head for the Bar & Grill around the corner for lunch - but it was not to be so....we were informed that the plane could be fixed at any minute and we must stay near the gate to board. At 12:30 p.m. they let us board. But the plane still wasn't fixed.

The flight attendant explained that the part the runs the air conditioner while the plane is on the ground, was not operating. They were trying to get it charged but it wouldn't stay charged. More than likely we would have to go without air conditioner but once in the air we would have it - apparently another part works the in air air conditioner. That was fine with me, just get us in the air!!! It's only a 40 minute flight.

At about 1:15 p.m. (yes, everyone...they boarded us with no intention of taking off) someone asked the flight attendant what the delay was (the maintenance people had long since left). She replied that they just happened to find more luggage and was loading it. Alrighty....where was this luggage and why wasn't it loaded with the rest???? At 1:30 p.m. we finally took off.

I would like to say the flight was uneventful...and for the most part it was, however, somewhere in the air we hit what I thought was turbulence. Since it's only a small commuter plane, the plane actually tilted and jerked. The flight attendant explained that it had not been turbulence but actually the wind coming off the wings of a much larger plane near us. Hubby told me there's a name for that..... I think the airline calls it a "near miss"....I call it a "near hit". Okay, so maybe that's not true...but you get the picture.