Cell Phones

Everyone has a cell phone these days.  Though they can be useful, it amazes me the number of people who cannot do anything without a cell phone attached to their heads.  What surprises me most though is that almost everyone has one, yet the companies have yet to come up with cheaper options.

My family consists of my husband and I.  We use approximately 60 minutes a month between the two of us.. sometimes more if we (or at least one of us) are out of town.  So we pay for alot of minutes that we don't use.

We've been with Company "A" (I'll forgo real names here), for 1 1/2 years...mostly because we've been stuck in a two year contract.  Our phones have never worked correctly since the minute we got them....Company "A" has been no help...the best they can do is allow us to purchase other phones at full price.  Good customer service there.  I've been through more batteries than you can imagine, and I finally realized it has to be the phone and not the battery.  Hubby's resets itself to factory settings everytime you turn it off.  Figuring we're only 6 months shy from the contract ending and our phones now rarely working at all...we figured Compay "A" would give us a deal if we would renew the contract.  Ah.....who were we kidding???  Best deal they can give us with a 2 year renewal now is 25% off the full price of a phone.

I set down and did some figuring....it was cheaper to buy out the current contract and go with another carrier then it was to pay 6 more months that we weren't able to use.  So we began the search for new cell phones.

Company "B" has the biggest selection of phones and also is the only one currently selling the phone I wanted.  I go to their website, hubby goes to one of their stores.  At the store, they offered a 700 minute shared plan for $69.99 plus $29.99 text messaging package (due to my stepchildren that is necessary).  My phone?  $94.99; Hubby's?  $69.99.    Online, however, it was a little different....since this company rolls over your unused minutes...we would have more than enough minutes to share...online I found a plan of 550 shared minutes, with $9.99 additional for 200 text messaging package (which is more than enough).  My phone? $49.99; Hubby's? 24.99.  Hmmmmm......

We continued to search.....I came across www.wirefly.com .  Here I could get the 550 plan with the 200 text messaging plan through the same company and both phones were FREE!!!  We visited another store location to look at the phones to make sure they were the ones we wanted.  They offered the 700 minute plan....my phone was out of stock.  We went to yet ANOTHER location....again 700 plan (make note - research online before hitting the stores, there are plans they won't tell you about)...we mentioned the 550 plan...and oh yes, they do have that plan.  But when it came to phones.....Hubby's was free and Mine was $24.99 IF we chose a multi-media plan.
We began to realize that all the plans were the same, but the prices of phones varied from location.  We came right out and told them we could get the exact same plan and the phones FREE online...as they didn't offer to match the online deal we turned to leave....another couple was looking at phones, the guy said "We can get them cheaper online."  I don't know how anyone in the stores are making commission.

We opted with wirefly and are now waiting for the phones to arrive.  I can't wait to tell Company "A" what they can do with their phones.