Back From New York Part 2

So I'm back!!!!!

The weekend was fabulous, but sad.  It's sad that "A Moon For The Misbegotten" has closed and Kevin is no longer available to see perform.  I attended the Saturday evening show and the closing show on Sunday afternoon.

On Saturday afternoon we went to the stage door to be in the front after the matinée show.  Kevin came out looking absolutely gorgeous as usual.  I had the photo of he and I (when he was wearing the shirt I gave him) blown up to an 8x10 and ask him to autograph that for me - which he more than happily did.  We attended the evening show later and I still get that heartbreak feeling for him when his character is breaking down during the second act...even though I was expecting it.  The man cried real tears.  I was in the third row to the left of the stage and in that particular seen he's directly in front of you.  We went to the stage door after the show and it was was a little harder to get to him, but I was able to get some good pictures by holding my camera up high and just hoping - lol!!!

On Sunday we attended the closing show (boo hoo).  I was on the aisle seat, 5th row on the right side (we had all gotten our seats at different times and therefore weren't seated together, the others were in 2nd row).  I sat next to a very nice couple and I chatted to them about my last trip to the play and such...they were very nice and friendly.  During the intermission, I was offered one of the second row seats by a lady who wasn't able to stay for the entire second act and was looking for an aisle seat to be able to leave more discretely.  She didn't have to ask twice!!!  So I ended the performance in the second row!!!

Kevin gave a speech after curtain call, thanking everyone for coming and saying they'll be back.  He also said they would be cheering Eve Best on tonight due to her Tony nomination (she lost unfortunately).

We went to the stage door again, which was very crowded and chaotic.  I managed to get myself to about the second row.  Fortunately, the lady in front of me, moved away once she had her autograph and then Kevin was directly in front of me for several minutes while he signed in that area.  I pulled out my Playbill and had him sign that (though I really didn't need another one - but well, can you really have too many??).  I took many pictures of him while he was standing there and was so happy to have that photo opportunity!!!

Kevin and Eve needed to leave immediately afterwords to get to the Tony's.  We waited awhile and watched Kevin exit in his tux and then Eve came out in her evening gown.  It was very exciting.

Next Kevin trip???   LONDON-SPRING 2008!!!! (yes, hubby just rolled his eyes and groaned).