Windows Vista

I'm not very fond of Windows Vista...I don't even have it and I don't like it.  Both my Dad and cousin Chris recently purchased new Dell computers which of course came with Vista and I helped them both set up.

Things look different....I couldn't find took a while to become familiar with my surroundings, but the worst part was that the internet ran so sloooooooooow..............Now Dad has dial-up (giggle, giggle) so I attributed it to that.  So I convinced him to upgrade to DSL.  While waiting for the modem to arrive, I helped Chris set up her's, she has DSL...her internet ran slooooooooooow......just like Dad's.  It took 20 minutes to get a page up.  After 4 hours, I gave up.

When I got home I got on my computer (very fast) and did some searching on Windows Vista - particularly Internet Explorer 7.  I have IE7 running on XP with absolutely no problem with my cable modem.  The Vista site was no help, but their community forums were (apparently lots of people were having this problem).  Apparently IE7 on Vista has some settings that interfere with the internet connection, the suggestion was to turn those settings off.  I went to Chris' the next day and did just that and guess what?  It worked!!!  The internet runs very well now.  So when Dad's DSL modem arrived I hooked it up and made the necessary changes and it works well too.  Course this may mean that he really didn't need to upgrade from dial-up to DSL, but in my opinion - yes he did!!!