The Think Thin Diet

I was reading somewhere on the web about a "Think Thin" Diet (I believe it's officially "The Beck Diet").  Anyway, it's a motivational diet apparently.  One of the things you're suppose to do is when you see something that you want to eat, ask yourself "Will I be thin if I eat that?".  That may seem stupid, but this past Thursday I was instructed to buy 4 dozen donuts for the Staff Meeting (we've never had donuts for staff meeting in the 9 years I've worked there).  I purchased a variety of donuts at the grocery store and set them out for the staff meeting.  I picked up one of those white creamed-filled powder donuts and sat in my minute taking seat...and then that phrase went through my head - "Will I be thin if I eat that?".  I didn't eat it!!!

However, I know it's not that simple...but there's so many diet plans out there it's impossible to keep up.  I noticed that Valerie Bertinelli is now on Jenny Craig.  I researched Jenny Craig (and a few others) to see how it worked.  Naturally you have to buy pre-packaged food from them (not cheap), but it began to make me question..."Can you lose weight on pre-packaged food?"  According to certain diets, you can. 

So that's my experiment for this week.  I bought pre-packaged meals for breakfast and lunch and will then eat a sensible dinner.  Now, by pre-packaged I mean - tv dinners.  I do happen to like Lean Cuisines and Weight Watchers Smart Ones...but I did buy one or two Stouffer's as well.  Of course by tv dinner, I don't mean the Hungry Man or Double Portion ones, just the small ones.  I figured these are "true" portion sized.  I also bought some of the frozen Weight Watchers desserts and some yogurt for those uncontrollable urges.  Let's see next week, if I've lost any weight. 

If the weather would clear up, I could start walking as well.  I so want Spring to get here!!!





    • Saturday, April 14. 2007 Kim wrote:
      I honestly believe now that there is no "secret" to weight loss. It is simply a matter of making good food choices 95% of the time and exercising. As much as I hate the latter, there is just no getting around it!

      I'm with you on the spring thing!
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