The Bear's Journey

Some people grow up to be "adults" and lead boring lives. Some, like myself, grow into "adults" but still do all the fun things in life!!!

Case in of my sisters finds it "juvenile" that I'm off to NY for the purpose of Kevin Spacey and meeting up with other fans that have the same obsession I do. This is mostly because she has never had an "idol" crush - even when she was at the age to have one - and she never steps "outside the box". We're different in that way. So I needn't try to explain her reaction when I mentioned "the bear". Course, I haven't mentioned it here yet.

"The Bear" is actually "KevieBear" from the Driving Mr. Spacey website. KevieBear lives adventures over on that site and those that frequent there are familiar with him. For those that remember the show Saturday Night Live when it was in it's "glory" days - consider "KevieBear" the "Mr. Bill" of Spacey fans!!!

Anyway, KevieBear arrived at my house this week to take his journey "To The Moon" as it's being called. You can follow his journey here - Journey To The Moon and check out his other adventures here - Kevie Bear .

So yes, KevieBear is on his way to NY with me and hopefully to have his picture taken with Kevin Spacey. For those that think this is a silly idea, you need to go here - The Original Clammie So he's used to odd requests!!!