Reality TV

I'm somewhat a reality tv fan but not a junkie. There's certain ones I watch and ones I don't, but normally the one's I don't watch my co-workers do, so I hear about them.

I like "The Apprentice", "The Bachelor", "Survivor" and "America's Next Top Model". I never saw the first season of any of these and actually missed quite a few of "Survivor" and "ANTM". My husband hates reality tv, though he does pick up on some of them as I watch them. We were watching "The Apprentice" the other night and during the boardroom scene, he said "Didn't any of these people ever watch the show?" He's right of course, if you're going to be a contestant on a reality show, make sure you've watched the show and know what to expect. On this particular "Apprentice" there were 3 groups consisting of 2 people each. Each pair was to give a presentation on a Trump hotel in Las Vegas. The first group did very well, the next pair had problems with their powerpoint presentation and their brochure consisted of the wrong phone number. The last pair were just totally chaos. Whomever was considered the losers, would both be fired. But as there were 2 sets of losers, Trump chose to fire one from each pair.

When on the "firing block" there are definately rules to follow:

1. When Trump tells you to shut-up, heed his advice.
2. Don't refer to any of the Trump children by their first names.
3. When asked "Who would you fire?", don't mention your name.
4. Don't take all the credit, if you lose that could be really bad.

The one team consists of Heidi and Frank. Heidi had been the shining star since the beginning but had made the brochure for this particular project, which Trump didn't like. When asked by Don, Jr. ( I can refer to the Trump children by first names as I'm not up for a job with the company) asked the pair who had designed the brochure, Heidi talked around it - claiming it was both her and Frank's input. Frank, of course, caught her in the lie and after much arguing, Trump finally asked Heidi who she would fire. Without hesitation and apparently speaking as if she's never watched the show she stated "Going entirely on this project alone, I would fire me." And he did (refer to rule number 3). He then turned to the next pair - Kristine and Nicole.

Nicole did absolutely nothing on this project, Kristine did it all, however, the error of the wrong phone number ( number I should add having nothing to do with Trump at all ) is a fatal error. Trump knew this, of course, and without any questions simply fired Kristine and wouldn't let her try to defend herself. See right after the presentations, Trump sent Nicole and James out to test the phone number, leaving Kristine in the boardroom whining of how Nicole slept while she did everything (refer to rule number 4). So James and Stephanie were the winners this week and we are down to the final 4: James, Stephanie, Nicole and Frank.