One Year Ago Today & Other Things

A year ago today, Toby came to live with us. He was such a shy dog. I remember at the rescue getting him out the door was a challenge, but he sat in the back seat of the car very nicely the whole hour and half drive home. I remember we kept looking back and saying..."We could pull a seat belt right acrossed him." He spent his first night on an old blanket right next to the rabbit cage. Two nights later he moved into our bedroom....the rest is history.

Arrival Day:

This past winter:

A few posts ago I mentioned Windows Vista. I still don't like it. I'm still dealing with problems on both my Dad's and my cousin Chris' brand new computers. All problems are Vista related. It seems as soon as we solve one problem, another one occurs. Why would you release an operating system without working out all the kinks first? I do have some information for anyone considering buying a Dell anytime soon. If you choose Small Business instead of Home, you will have an option of choosing either Vista or XP as the operating system (I highly recommend you choose XP). Even if you are not a Small Business you can buy this way....if you choose Home, well...Vista is the standard. Unfortunately neither I, Dad or Chris knew about this before hand.

New York is right around the corner and I'm getting so anxious. It seems like I've been waiting on this forever. I'll be so happy to have my very own Kevin Spacey stage door pictures.