More Reality TV

Being sick basically means you see alot of tv that you normally don't. Daytime TV seems to be the worse unless your into soaps (I gave that up years ago).

Over the weekend I discovered the Fox Reality Channel (we've had digital cable for several months but seem to watch the same old things, so being sick got me looking at other channels). This channel shows old repeats of past reality shows. The weekend brought me a marathon of the first season of "Temptation Island". Remember that one? It lasted 3 cycles and is where they bring in 4 couples, split them up for two weeks, tempt them with singles and then bring them together at the end to see if they wish to remain a couple. I actually liked this show and it was very popular. However, the "holier than thou" people complained that the show was racy, sexual and not helping the couples (ever hear - turn the channel?). Hmmmm......this same type show was done in other countries with no complaints...only in America....

I enjoyed rewatching this series plus it has the added feature of small snip-its with the contestants now. That makes for interesting television.

Monday, home sick, I ventured back to this channel and there was the long lost "Looking For Love: Bachelorettes in Alaska". There was a reason this show only ran once - it was that bad. Actually had it been done correctly it would of worked. Rewatching the first two episodes, I felt embarrassed for both the women and the men. This was way too corny. Your preferred male was your "Man on Ice". At the end of every show the "Men on Ice" sat and watched as other available males tried to win the women with a "proposal" to keep them instead. This went from bad poetry, bad lines, bad dancing, bad sound effects, bad everything........ However, if the woman received a proposal from another she got $2,000 in her "dowry" for each proposal. The one lady in particular, your typical "beautiful flirt" had a $16,000 dowry by the end of episode 2!!! What's amazing was that men she flat out rejected chose to do a proposal!!! And men try to say they don't care about looks - yeah right!!!

"The Bachelor" alone makes women look desperate. This show went further and even in the opening credits the voice over states " 5 Desperate Women" degrading can you get??? Again, there were the snip-its with the contestants now. The one producer admitted that they had a terrible time casting men for this show. Really? Isn't Alaska crawling with available men and a shortage of women? I definitely got the impression that most of the men on the show did not live in Alaska.

Reality tv? Yeah right....