"A Moon For The Misbegotten" Review By Joanne

Spacey Fan Joanne attended the very first showing of "A Moon For The Misbegotten" on March 29, 2007. Here's her review (and I'm so looking forward to meeting you in May!):

First, those of you who know me, know that my powers of observation are absolutely horrible. Keep that in mind while you're reading this. I NEVER notice things like, "What did he smell like?" or "What was he wearing?" All of my observations tend to be completely and utterly emotional. So, don't shoot me, okay? With that in mind, here goes:

I sat downstairs, 2nd row. Seats were pretty roomy for a NY theatre and comfortable. The first row is reserved for student seats. The kids that I sat behind were ecstatic to be there and stared up at Kevin with something akin to awe. It was enjoyable to see. I was in seat A101. If you happen to get a seat anywhere near this, you will NOT be disappointed. When Kevin is at the right of the stage, you can nearly lean across the seat in front of you and touch the toe of his shoe (no, I didn't).

The audience for this show was amazing. What a wonderful welcome home he received!!! The entire audience was with this cast from the opening and the cast obviously knew it and they gave a performance that was extraordinary. It was obvious to me how much they enjoyed being together again. Not only did the cast get a standing ovation, the roar almost blew the roof off. It was wonderful - nearly made me cry.

We waited approximately 40 minutes for Kevin at the stage door and it was COLD!!! A couple of big handsome guys opened a path to Kevin's car by putting up barricades and pushing the crowd back a bit to give Kevin some breathing room. When Kevin came out the street erupted in cheers. He had on a light brown baseball cap and looked incredibly handsome with evening stubble. There were a LOT of people there, but he tried to get to everyone. They were 8 or 9 deep on BOTH sides of the barricades. He went around three times before saying goodnight. He was obviously VERY happy - smiling, chatting and even posing for a few photos.

I must tell you that I was 6 inches from his face for what felt like a loooooong time while people passed stuff up from the back to be signed and I chatted and joked with him the entire time. He was engaging, friendly and incredibly easy to laugh with that night.

Some things I remember:

He was asked what he was drinking on stage and answered "Not the good stuff or else we'd all be here a LOT later."

The lady standing next to me said (about me) "She's been telling us all about you." He squinted at me and asked "And WHAT things have you been telling her?" and grinned. He seemed amused when I didn't know quite what to say.

You want to know how weak my knees were when he was inches from me? I can tell you. You want to know how hard my heart was pounding when he laughed at something I said? I can tell you. You want to know how incredibly handsome and sexy he is in person? I can certainly tell you. What was he wearing and what did he smell like? Haven't got a clue! Sorry!

By the way, I got to meet Mini (Kevin's dog) earlier. She is a sweetie and she stole my heart away in about 5 seconds. Kevin who? Just Kidding!