"A Moon For The Misbegotten" Review By Ginger

Here's another great review by another lucky fan there on the first night and I'll also have the honor of meeting her in May as well:

I left the office at 6pm thinking it's only 10 blocks away from BAT and I should have plenty of time to get there. Hmm, the rush hour traffic was a nightmare. Barely made it there by 7pm.

It's good to see our old friend again needless to say. He looks very healthy and energetic. Gave a very powerful performance. Is there any slight difference compared with his performances at the Old Vic. I think so. I think last night Jim Tyrone was more depressed, more devastated than what I remembered from the OV. No doubt he is a tragic character. But last night Kevin presented a very very dark version of Jim Tyrone, just my impression.

Phil Hogan was very funny last night. The audience just loved him. He received a big cheer at the curtain call, something I never saw at the OV. Overall, last night's audience was just wild. At the curtain call, I felt I was in a rock concert, instead of a Eugene O'Neill play.

Joanne and I were talking about the difference between BAT and OV during the intermission. Suddenly a big guy next to us looked up and tried to listen. My first reaction was that "this guy is so rude." But I realized that it's Laurence Fishburne. He seemed interested in the subject of OV.

The show was sold out and the theater was quite warm. Kevin was drenched at the end. His tender moments with Josie were more intimate now. From time to time, he would pat on Josie's bottom like a naughty boy. That's what he did in The Philadelphia Story too.

I would say it again that it's more fun to watch how the audience went completely nuts than watching the show itself, at least for me.

Kevin was very happy at the stage door. Joanne and I were at a good spot. Kevin was in front of us for a very LONG time. Long enough for me to take all the good shots I wanted. Then I felt slightly embarrassed and didn't want to be in front of him all the time. I turned and shouted at the people behind me "let me get out of here." LOL... Kevin was indeed very sweet and seemed happy to meet his fans. He had a big smile the entire time.

Overall I think last night the NY audience gave Kevin and his co stars a very very very BIG AND PASSIONATE hug. Phil and Josie were startled by such reaction. Kevin clearly loved it. Hopefully this will encourage him to bring more shows to Broadway.

By the way, the most recent IN New York magazine has Kevin on the cover and a nice interview inside. This is a free magazine distributed in apartment buildings, hotels and train stations in NY. Nothing new to us. It says that Kevin calls London home now although he would always consider himself a New Yorker. His contract with OV is until 2015. He wants to "play after play after play in the next decade." (Oh, Mr. Spacey, you are going to get my hope high again, lol...)

This show is going to do very well on Broadway. For this kind of quality, people will be willing to pay even premium to see. I will go back to the show a few more times.