Everyday Things

I believe I may have Chris' computer finally worked out. I don't have an ipod and don't use itunes, but Chris' son does and there, of course, was a huge mix up with the new computer and transferring the information over. Yesterday, we got that worked out and their internet seems to be working well again...have to wait and see. Windows Vista - grrrrrrr....I advise everyone wait at least 2 years before upgrading.

Have you noticed the countdown to New York???? 14 Days!!! Wow, I'm getting all giddy now. I keep thinking I need to buy things, but I'm really not too sure what I should buy - it's weird. I've never flown before, but flying itself I'm not nervous about..it's the airport!!! Where to go, being on time, the searches and such, that has me nervous. More fans have been to the show and they are getting incredibly great pictures at the stage door. I'm so afraid my hands will be shaking that everything will be blurry!!! Weird huh? Going to NY alone, not worried about crime - just worried about getting the perfect pictures at the stage door. I'm hoping for a picture with him - but that seems to be hit and miss, sometimes he does it - other times he does not.

I'm not taking my laptop to NY with me, so blog entries will have to wait until I return. I will be keeping a diary and will post those entries. But for now, I'll try to keep up!!