10 Days

So the NY count is now at 10 days and I'm getting extremely excited. With the final countdown truly beginning, I've made a list of things to do:

1. Clean the house and hope hubby keeps it that way.
2. Lose 20 lbs. (okay I know this isn't going to happen in a week - but I can
dream can't I?)
3. Review the airport regulations on what is and is not allowed on flights and
4. Buy necessary items.
5. Keep rechecking that I have my Airline Tickets, Play Tickets and Shuttle
6. See if my niece's luggage is larger than mine.
7. Pack for any and all types of weather. Especially since we keep going from
warm to cold daily.
8. Make sure I know how to use the camera I got for Christmas.
9. Try to think up something intelligent to say to Kevin Spacey at the Stage Door.

and it goes on and on...........

Friday, April 27. 2007 Kim wrote:Oh dear Lord in heaven, I really have to go on a bus trip with you on Wednesday when you are mere days away from seeing Kevin?
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Friday, April 27. 2007 Laura wrote:
Yes, You Do!!!