Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Bear's Journey

Some people grow up to be "adults" and lead boring lives. Some, like myself, grow into "adults" but still do all the fun things in life!!!

Case in of my sisters finds it "juvenile" that I'm off to NY for the purpose of Kevin Spacey and meeting up with other fans that have the same obsession I do. This is mostly because she has never had an "idol" crush - even when she was at the age to have one - and she never steps "outside the box". We're different in that way. So I needn't try to explain her reaction when I mentioned "the bear". Course, I haven't mentioned it here yet.

"The Bear" is actually "KevieBear" from the Driving Mr. Spacey website. KevieBear lives adventures over on that site and those that frequent there are familiar with him. For those that remember the show Saturday Night Live when it was in it's "glory" days - consider "KevieBear" the "Mr. Bill" of Spacey fans!!!

Anyway, KevieBear arrived at my house this week to take his journey "To The Moon" as it's being called. You can follow his journey here - Journey To The Moon and check out his other adventures here - Kevie Bear .

So yes, KevieBear is on his way to NY with me and hopefully to have his picture taken with Kevin Spacey. For those that think this is a silly idea, you need to go here - The Original Clammie So he's used to odd requests!!!


Friday, April 27, 2007

10 Days

So the NY count is now at 10 days and I'm getting extremely excited. With the final countdown truly beginning, I've made a list of things to do:

1. Clean the house and hope hubby keeps it that way.
2. Lose 20 lbs. (okay I know this isn't going to happen in a week - but I can
dream can't I?)
3. Review the airport regulations on what is and is not allowed on flights and
4. Buy necessary items.
5. Keep rechecking that I have my Airline Tickets, Play Tickets and Shuttle
6. See if my niece's luggage is larger than mine.
7. Pack for any and all types of weather. Especially since we keep going from
warm to cold daily.
8. Make sure I know how to use the camera I got for Christmas.
9. Try to think up something intelligent to say to Kevin Spacey at the Stage Door.

and it goes on and on...........

Friday, April 27. 2007 Kim wrote:Oh dear Lord in heaven, I really have to go on a bus trip with you on Wednesday when you are mere days away from seeing Kevin?
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Friday, April 27. 2007 Laura wrote:
Yes, You Do!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What Actually Constitutes a "Christian"?

I was over at today where Kim was posting that she was somewhat worried that she may be taken out of the "Christian Women Online" realm as some of her posts are not well...for lack of better term "Christian Enough". She was especially concerned over her recent postings on what her Church is currently facing and how she had been dealing with it.

Anyway, her post made me think what exactly is a Christian? A few years back, when I attended Church very regularly, a co-worker confided in me that she had been a faithful church goer until about age 18 when she began drinking & smoking (18 was the legal drinking age then), she felt it wasn't right to do those things and attend church. It made me think of an answer Dear Abby had given to someone who had written her stating that people who attend church are hypocrites, etc..... Her response was quite simple - "Church is not a shrine for saints, it's a hospital for sinners." I told my co-worker that the Bible doesn't say you cannot do those things, it just says that an over abundance is where the sin lies, you can be a Christian and not be perfect.

I'm a Christian. I believe that God created all things and that Jesus Christ died for my sins. I wish I could live my life as perfectly as Jesus did - without sin; but I'm human and I'm going to sin as it's in my nature and the Bible tells me that. But despite that flaw, God loves me and sent His Son to die for me.

It doesn't, of course, mean that as a Christian I can just do whatever I want. I do have to have some restraint. But I wonder how many people are afraid of Christianity because they feel they have to "give up too much". I'll be honest, as a Christian I drink rum & coke, I overeat, I cuss, I have an obsession with Kevin Spacey, I'm sometimes selfish and self-centered and I have a tendency to speak without thinking. If I were not a Christian...I'd probably still do all those things, so I didn't have to change to be one. But being one gives me an inner peace that only another Christian would understand - it gives you hope, it gets you through the bad times, it rejoices with you through the good times and it saves you in the end.

Christians aren't perfect, just saved.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Everyday Things

I believe I may have Chris' computer finally worked out. I don't have an ipod and don't use itunes, but Chris' son does and there, of course, was a huge mix up with the new computer and transferring the information over. Yesterday, we got that worked out and their internet seems to be working well again...have to wait and see. Windows Vista - grrrrrrr....I advise everyone wait at least 2 years before upgrading.

Have you noticed the countdown to New York???? 14 Days!!! Wow, I'm getting all giddy now. I keep thinking I need to buy things, but I'm really not too sure what I should buy - it's weird. I've never flown before, but flying itself I'm not nervous's the airport!!! Where to go, being on time, the searches and such, that has me nervous. More fans have been to the show and they are getting incredibly great pictures at the stage door. I'm so afraid my hands will be shaking that everything will be blurry!!! Weird huh? Going to NY alone, not worried about crime - just worried about getting the perfect pictures at the stage door. I'm hoping for a picture with him - but that seems to be hit and miss, sometimes he does it - other times he does not.

I'm not taking my laptop to NY with me, so blog entries will have to wait until I return. I will be keeping a diary and will post those entries. But for now, I'll try to keep up!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Kind of Far Behind

I hadn't realized how long it's been since I've posted...I had been doing so much better!!!

Not alot to say really, just watching that countdown to NY (16 days).  I'm really getting anxious now, though I hate wishing time away, I really want to be in NY, and not just to see Kevin Spacey, but just to be in a large city again.  I love the city!!

I'm off to a Basket Bingo today with Chris.  For those that have no clue what I'm talking about, when you win a game you win a Longaberger Basket/Pottery (  At one time I was very much into them, now I'm not and would like to sell alot of mine.  You use to be able to sell them on ebay at almost double (sometimes more) of what you paid, but that seems to of died down these past few years and you're lucky if you can get what you paid for them.  It's rather sad, as they at one time were considered a great investment.  They are nice baskets though, but I'm hoping to win money instead (every other bingo came is for cash).  This will be the year I'll win baskets instead of cash - lol!!!

Hopefully, more later....

Sunday, April 15, 2007

One Year Ago Today & Other Things

A year ago today, Toby came to live with us. He was such a shy dog. I remember at the rescue getting him out the door was a challenge, but he sat in the back seat of the car very nicely the whole hour and half drive home. I remember we kept looking back and saying..."We could pull a seat belt right acrossed him." He spent his first night on an old blanket right next to the rabbit cage. Two nights later he moved into our bedroom....the rest is history.

Arrival Day:

This past winter:

A few posts ago I mentioned Windows Vista. I still don't like it. I'm still dealing with problems on both my Dad's and my cousin Chris' brand new computers. All problems are Vista related. It seems as soon as we solve one problem, another one occurs. Why would you release an operating system without working out all the kinks first? I do have some information for anyone considering buying a Dell anytime soon. If you choose Small Business instead of Home, you will have an option of choosing either Vista or XP as the operating system (I highly recommend you choose XP). Even if you are not a Small Business you can buy this way....if you choose Home, well...Vista is the standard. Unfortunately neither I, Dad or Chris knew about this before hand.

New York is right around the corner and I'm getting so anxious. It seems like I've been waiting on this forever. I'll be so happy to have my very own Kevin Spacey stage door pictures.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Think Thin Diet

I was reading somewhere on the web about a "Think Thin" Diet (I believe it's officially "The Beck Diet").  Anyway, it's a motivational diet apparently.  One of the things you're suppose to do is when you see something that you want to eat, ask yourself "Will I be thin if I eat that?".  That may seem stupid, but this past Thursday I was instructed to buy 4 dozen donuts for the Staff Meeting (we've never had donuts for staff meeting in the 9 years I've worked there).  I purchased a variety of donuts at the grocery store and set them out for the staff meeting.  I picked up one of those white creamed-filled powder donuts and sat in my minute taking seat...and then that phrase went through my head - "Will I be thin if I eat that?".  I didn't eat it!!!

However, I know it's not that simple...but there's so many diet plans out there it's impossible to keep up.  I noticed that Valerie Bertinelli is now on Jenny Craig.  I researched Jenny Craig (and a few others) to see how it worked.  Naturally you have to buy pre-packaged food from them (not cheap), but it began to make me question..."Can you lose weight on pre-packaged food?"  According to certain diets, you can. 

So that's my experiment for this week.  I bought pre-packaged meals for breakfast and lunch and will then eat a sensible dinner.  Now, by pre-packaged I mean - tv dinners.  I do happen to like Lean Cuisines and Weight Watchers Smart Ones...but I did buy one or two Stouffer's as well.  Of course by tv dinner, I don't mean the Hungry Man or Double Portion ones, just the small ones.  I figured these are "true" portion sized.  I also bought some of the frozen Weight Watchers desserts and some yogurt for those uncontrollable urges.  Let's see next week, if I've lost any weight. 

If the weather would clear up, I could start walking as well.  I so want Spring to get here!!!





    • Saturday, April 14. 2007 Kim wrote:
      I honestly believe now that there is no "secret" to weight loss. It is simply a matter of making good food choices 95% of the time and exercising. As much as I hate the latter, there is just no getting around it!

      I'm with you on the spring thing!
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    Wednesday, April 11, 2007

    "A Moon For The Misbegotten" Review By Ginger

    Here's another great review by another lucky fan there on the first night and I'll also have the honor of meeting her in May as well:

    I left the office at 6pm thinking it's only 10 blocks away from BAT and I should have plenty of time to get there. Hmm, the rush hour traffic was a nightmare. Barely made it there by 7pm.

    It's good to see our old friend again needless to say. He looks very healthy and energetic. Gave a very powerful performance. Is there any slight difference compared with his performances at the Old Vic. I think so. I think last night Jim Tyrone was more depressed, more devastated than what I remembered from the OV. No doubt he is a tragic character. But last night Kevin presented a very very dark version of Jim Tyrone, just my impression.

    Phil Hogan was very funny last night. The audience just loved him. He received a big cheer at the curtain call, something I never saw at the OV. Overall, last night's audience was just wild. At the curtain call, I felt I was in a rock concert, instead of a Eugene O'Neill play.

    Joanne and I were talking about the difference between BAT and OV during the intermission. Suddenly a big guy next to us looked up and tried to listen. My first reaction was that "this guy is so rude." But I realized that it's Laurence Fishburne. He seemed interested in the subject of OV.

    The show was sold out and the theater was quite warm. Kevin was drenched at the end. His tender moments with Josie were more intimate now. From time to time, he would pat on Josie's bottom like a naughty boy. That's what he did in The Philadelphia Story too.

    I would say it again that it's more fun to watch how the audience went completely nuts than watching the show itself, at least for me.

    Kevin was very happy at the stage door. Joanne and I were at a good spot. Kevin was in front of us for a very LONG time. Long enough for me to take all the good shots I wanted. Then I felt slightly embarrassed and didn't want to be in front of him all the time. I turned and shouted at the people behind me "let me get out of here." LOL... Kevin was indeed very sweet and seemed happy to meet his fans. He had a big smile the entire time.

    Overall I think last night the NY audience gave Kevin and his co stars a very very very BIG AND PASSIONATE hug. Phil and Josie were startled by such reaction. Kevin clearly loved it. Hopefully this will encourage him to bring more shows to Broadway.

    By the way, the most recent IN New York magazine has Kevin on the cover and a nice interview inside. This is a free magazine distributed in apartment buildings, hotels and train stations in NY. Nothing new to us. It says that Kevin calls London home now although he would always consider himself a New Yorker. His contract with OV is until 2015. He wants to "play after play after play in the next decade." (Oh, Mr. Spacey, you are going to get my hope high again, lol...)

    This show is going to do very well on Broadway. For this kind of quality, people will be willing to pay even premium to see. I will go back to the show a few more times.

    More Reality TV

    Being sick basically means you see alot of tv that you normally don't. Daytime TV seems to be the worse unless your into soaps (I gave that up years ago).

    Over the weekend I discovered the Fox Reality Channel (we've had digital cable for several months but seem to watch the same old things, so being sick got me looking at other channels). This channel shows old repeats of past reality shows. The weekend brought me a marathon of the first season of "Temptation Island". Remember that one? It lasted 3 cycles and is where they bring in 4 couples, split them up for two weeks, tempt them with singles and then bring them together at the end to see if they wish to remain a couple. I actually liked this show and it was very popular. However, the "holier than thou" people complained that the show was racy, sexual and not helping the couples (ever hear - turn the channel?). Hmmmm......this same type show was done in other countries with no complaints...only in America....

    I enjoyed rewatching this series plus it has the added feature of small snip-its with the contestants now. That makes for interesting television.

    Monday, home sick, I ventured back to this channel and there was the long lost "Looking For Love: Bachelorettes in Alaska". There was a reason this show only ran once - it was that bad. Actually had it been done correctly it would of worked. Rewatching the first two episodes, I felt embarrassed for both the women and the men. This was way too corny. Your preferred male was your "Man on Ice". At the end of every show the "Men on Ice" sat and watched as other available males tried to win the women with a "proposal" to keep them instead. This went from bad poetry, bad lines, bad dancing, bad sound effects, bad everything........ However, if the woman received a proposal from another she got $2,000 in her "dowry" for each proposal. The one lady in particular, your typical "beautiful flirt" had a $16,000 dowry by the end of episode 2!!! What's amazing was that men she flat out rejected chose to do a proposal!!! And men try to say they don't care about looks - yeah right!!!

    "The Bachelor" alone makes women look desperate. This show went further and even in the opening credits the voice over states " 5 Desperate Women" degrading can you get??? Again, there were the snip-its with the contestants now. The one producer admitted that they had a terrible time casting men for this show. Really? Isn't Alaska crawling with available men and a shortage of women? I definitely got the impression that most of the men on the show did not live in Alaska.

    Reality tv? Yeah right....

    Monday, April 9, 2007

    Windows Vista

    I'm not very fond of Windows Vista...I don't even have it and I don't like it. Both my Dad and cousin Chris recently purchased new Dell computers which of course came with Vista and I helped them both set up.

    Things look different....I couldn't find took a while to become familiar with my surroundings, but the worst part was that the internet ran so sloooooooooow..............Now Dad has dial-up (giggle, giggle) so I attributed it to that. So I convinced him to upgrade to DSL. While waiting for the modem to arrive, I helped Chris set up her's, she has DSL...her internet ran slooooooooooow......just like Dad's. It took 20 minutes to get a page up. After 4 hours, I gave up.

    When I got home I got on my computer (very fast) and did some searching on Windows Vista - particularly Internet Explorer 7. I have IE7 running on XP with absolutely no problem with my cable modem. The Vista site was no help, but their community forums were (apparently lots of people were having this problem). Apparently IE7 on Vista has some settings that interfere with the internet connection, the suggestion was to turn those settings off. I went to Chris' the next day and did just that and guess what? It worked!!! The internet runs very well now. So when Dad's DSL modem arrived I hooked it up and made the necessary changes and it works well too. Course this may mean that he really didn't need to upgrade from dial-up to DSL, but in my opinion - yes he did!!!

    Home Sick & Other Stuff

    I have that cold flu that's been going around which is how I spent my Easter weekend. The worst day was Easter, I'm dealing with the end portion today.

    Despite being sick, I drug myself out of bed and went to my parent's house for the holiday. Actually every Sunday is a big meal at my parents, but on holidays EVERYBODY shows up. I'm the youngest of 4 girls, so there's us, my brother (actually he's an ex-brother-in-law, but it's easier to just name him as my brother), 3 son-in-laws, my 2 nieces with their boyfriends, my nephew and my great nephew (who's Easter was more like Christmas). My parent's house isn't very big, we have to eat in shifts, but we're all use to it by now. My mother as always made enough food to feed us, plus 20 more people. She never seems to think she's going to have enough. We had: turkey, ham, mashed potatoes & gravy, corn, mac & cheese, stuffing, macaroni salad, pasta salad, deviled eggs, relish tray, green beans, veggies with dip, cheese cake and chocolate delite. Needless to say there was no dieting for this day.

    Unfortunately, being sick I didn't get to enjoy the meal as much as I normally would have or any part of the day for that matter. I ended up at home on the couch taking whatever type of cold medicine that would make me feel better.

    So here I am today, again laying on the couch watching some cheesy old movie about some parasite loose in an apartment building. TV is really bad during the day!!!

    Saturday, April 7, 2007

    Reality TV

    I'm somewhat a reality tv fan but not a junkie. There's certain ones I watch and ones I don't, but normally the one's I don't watch my co-workers do, so I hear about them.

    I like "The Apprentice", "The Bachelor", "Survivor" and "America's Next Top Model". I never saw the first season of any of these and actually missed quite a few of "Survivor" and "ANTM". My husband hates reality tv, though he does pick up on some of them as I watch them. We were watching "The Apprentice" the other night and during the boardroom scene, he said "Didn't any of these people ever watch the show?" He's right of course, if you're going to be a contestant on a reality show, make sure you've watched the show and know what to expect. On this particular "Apprentice" there were 3 groups consisting of 2 people each. Each pair was to give a presentation on a Trump hotel in Las Vegas. The first group did very well, the next pair had problems with their powerpoint presentation and their brochure consisted of the wrong phone number. The last pair were just totally chaos. Whomever was considered the losers, would both be fired. But as there were 2 sets of losers, Trump chose to fire one from each pair.

    When on the "firing block" there are definately rules to follow:

    1. When Trump tells you to shut-up, heed his advice.
    2. Don't refer to any of the Trump children by their first names.
    3. When asked "Who would you fire?", don't mention your name.
    4. Don't take all the credit, if you lose that could be really bad.

    The one team consists of Heidi and Frank. Heidi had been the shining star since the beginning but had made the brochure for this particular project, which Trump didn't like. When asked by Don, Jr. ( I can refer to the Trump children by first names as I'm not up for a job with the company) asked the pair who had designed the brochure, Heidi talked around it - claiming it was both her and Frank's input. Frank, of course, caught her in the lie and after much arguing, Trump finally asked Heidi who she would fire. Without hesitation and apparently speaking as if she's never watched the show she stated "Going entirely on this project alone, I would fire me." And he did (refer to rule number 3). He then turned to the next pair - Kristine and Nicole.

    Nicole did absolutely nothing on this project, Kristine did it all, however, the error of the wrong phone number ( number I should add having nothing to do with Trump at all ) is a fatal error. Trump knew this, of course, and without any questions simply fired Kristine and wouldn't let her try to defend herself. See right after the presentations, Trump sent Nicole and James out to test the phone number, leaving Kristine in the boardroom whining of how Nicole slept while she did everything (refer to rule number 4). So James and Stephanie were the winners this week and we are down to the final 4: James, Stephanie, Nicole and Frank.

    Friday, April 6, 2007

    Windows Vista

    I'm not very fond of Windows Vista...I don't even have it and I don't like it.  Both my Dad and cousin Chris recently purchased new Dell computers which of course came with Vista and I helped them both set up.

    Things look different....I couldn't find took a while to become familiar with my surroundings, but the worst part was that the internet ran so sloooooooooow..............Now Dad has dial-up (giggle, giggle) so I attributed it to that.  So I convinced him to upgrade to DSL.  While waiting for the modem to arrive, I helped Chris set up her's, she has DSL...her internet ran slooooooooooow......just like Dad's.  It took 20 minutes to get a page up.  After 4 hours, I gave up.

    When I got home I got on my computer (very fast) and did some searching on Windows Vista - particularly Internet Explorer 7.  I have IE7 running on XP with absolutely no problem with my cable modem.  The Vista site was no help, but their community forums were (apparently lots of people were having this problem).  Apparently IE7 on Vista has some settings that interfere with the internet connection, the suggestion was to turn those settings off.  I went to Chris' the next day and did just that and guess what?  It worked!!!  The internet runs very well now.  So when Dad's DSL modem arrived I hooked it up and made the necessary changes and it works well too.  Course this may mean that he really didn't need to upgrade from dial-up to DSL, but in my opinion - yes he did!!!

    Monday, April 2, 2007

    "The Today Show" with Kevin Spacey

    Kevin was on "The Today Show" this morning. If you missed it, you can go here to watch it:

    Sunday, April 1, 2007

    "A Moon For The Misbegotten" Review By Joanne

    Spacey Fan Joanne attended the very first showing of "A Moon For The Misbegotten" on March 29, 2007. Here's her review (and I'm so looking forward to meeting you in May!):

    First, those of you who know me, know that my powers of observation are absolutely horrible. Keep that in mind while you're reading this. I NEVER notice things like, "What did he smell like?" or "What was he wearing?" All of my observations tend to be completely and utterly emotional. So, don't shoot me, okay? With that in mind, here goes:

    I sat downstairs, 2nd row. Seats were pretty roomy for a NY theatre and comfortable. The first row is reserved for student seats. The kids that I sat behind were ecstatic to be there and stared up at Kevin with something akin to awe. It was enjoyable to see. I was in seat A101. If you happen to get a seat anywhere near this, you will NOT be disappointed. When Kevin is at the right of the stage, you can nearly lean across the seat in front of you and touch the toe of his shoe (no, I didn't).

    The audience for this show was amazing. What a wonderful welcome home he received!!! The entire audience was with this cast from the opening and the cast obviously knew it and they gave a performance that was extraordinary. It was obvious to me how much they enjoyed being together again. Not only did the cast get a standing ovation, the roar almost blew the roof off. It was wonderful - nearly made me cry.

    We waited approximately 40 minutes for Kevin at the stage door and it was COLD!!! A couple of big handsome guys opened a path to Kevin's car by putting up barricades and pushing the crowd back a bit to give Kevin some breathing room. When Kevin came out the street erupted in cheers. He had on a light brown baseball cap and looked incredibly handsome with evening stubble. There were a LOT of people there, but he tried to get to everyone. They were 8 or 9 deep on BOTH sides of the barricades. He went around three times before saying goodnight. He was obviously VERY happy - smiling, chatting and even posing for a few photos.

    I must tell you that I was 6 inches from his face for what felt like a loooooong time while people passed stuff up from the back to be signed and I chatted and joked with him the entire time. He was engaging, friendly and incredibly easy to laugh with that night.

    Some things I remember:

    He was asked what he was drinking on stage and answered "Not the good stuff or else we'd all be here a LOT later."

    The lady standing next to me said (about me) "She's been telling us all about you." He squinted at me and asked "And WHAT things have you been telling her?" and grinned. He seemed amused when I didn't know quite what to say.

    You want to know how weak my knees were when he was inches from me? I can tell you. You want to know how hard my heart was pounding when he laughed at something I said? I can tell you. You want to know how incredibly handsome and sexy he is in person? I can certainly tell you. What was he wearing and what did he smell like? Haven't got a clue! Sorry!

    By the way, I got to meet Mini (Kevin's dog) earlier. She is a sweetie and she stole my heart away in about 5 seconds. Kevin who? Just Kidding!