The Completion of Home Project #2

Home Project #2 has come to a close. Though I may add border near the ceiling at a later time, the project at hand is complete. We started with this:

The Spare Room:

The Computer Desk in the Living Room:

Can you find the kitty in the above picture??? (Hint: he's under the desk).

I now have this:

Some close ups:

(still haven't come up with an idea for those dreaded cords!!)

And no room is complete without the Kevin Spacey touches:

I got coasters for Christmas that you put photos in - and well, I just couldn't resist!!!

But all is not final until we have the Strat Approval Seal and he gives it a thumbs up:

Tuesday, March 20. 2007 Kim wrote:Man, is that cat sacked out on that desk or what?? I love it! Love the room too...looks great! The cords are insane, but we have them too...not a clue what to do about them but if you think of something, let me know!