Ho Hum...

I ache all over.  Yesterday, as you know from my previous post, we received a winter storm.  Fortunately, I left work early to avoid having to drive on the slippery roads later.   Well hubby's car went on the blink and I had to drive back to Hagerstown and pick him up (so much for being safely home).  I guess he somewhat felt guilty for my having to do that, so once in Hagerstown he decided we'd go to Office Max and look at computer desks.

For those that read here (or work with me), you're aware we just remodel the basement to put the guinea pigs and rabbits there.  This left the spare bedroom empty which I decided to make into the computer room/home office.  The painting is complete in there but my current computer desk lacks desk space and is just junky all the time, so I decided an "L" shaped corner desk would be a good solution.

I began searching online, found something I liked and then searched for the best price - which I found on the web and they offered free shipping. 

Well.....I happened into Office Max the other day (they happen to be having a HUGE furniture sale, and clearance items are an additional 40% off the lowest marked price) and they have this particular set.  It's extremely cheaply made for what it cost and the cabinet and hutch together was shorter than I am (I'm 5'3").  So when I got back to work, I got online, shot off an email to the place I'd ordered from to cancel and almost immediately they called and said they'd take care of it (I've yet to get that confirmation email but they haven't charged my card yet either - so that's a good sign).

So in the winter storm off we go to Office Max.  I found a set I liked on clearance with an additional 40% off and ended up costing less than the one above.

This collection is very heavy wood, but I'll admit despite what instructions normally look like when you have to put something together...there was no questioning...instructions matched exactly how to get it together.  All the items:  2 desks, corner unit, hutch and lateral file; wouldn't fit into the car so poor sweet hubby made the second trip back to get the rest.  But anyway, this is why I'm all achey - hours spent on the floor putting furniture together is not easy work and not something I'm use to.

Now I'm just waiting for him to get home to run my cable wire so I can move the computer into there.