Everyday Life

Home Project 2 Update: Well the basement is painted and the carpet is rolled out waiting to be glued down.....the spare room is painted other than some touch-ups I need to do. Hopefully this coming weekend I can get the guinea pigs moved down there. As always these projects take more time and work than I like.

New York Trip: No new news here....apparently the show tickets are out in the mail, so hopefully mine will arrive soon. Other than that, there's not much more to tell in this area.

Work: Well, what can I say...work is well...work!!! There's really no big changes when it comes to my job - same stuff everyday of the week, wish it could be a little more exciting.

Message Boards: If you were a hollywood star - would you appreciate it if a member of your staff was sending out "tidbits" of your personal life to just any fan that happened to email them? Me neither...I'm sure Kevin Spacey doesn't like it either.