Computers, Work

I'm a computer person, I love them. My current computer I built and I love learning the fixes and such that come with the little problems that arrive. I'll try about anything with my computer, but I won't with anyone else's.

Last week my Dad purchased a new computer through Dell. The man only uses a computer to play Free Cell and on rare occassions get on the internet (he still has dial-up - so what does that tell you?). He calls me yesterday as he wanted help setting it up. I told him I could probably stop in Thursday after work, but since most cords are now color coded he could probably do it himself. A half hour before leaving work, he calls me again stating there is no color coding and all the cords look the same and there's nothing telling him where to put what. I told him I'd be there after work.

Actually it wasn't a problem. All devices were using USB ports instead of the old fashioned color coded system where all cords looked different. He had not realized that the cords could go into any USB port, he assumed they each had a specific slot. We didn't have much luck getting the internet up though, but he seemed happy to just have Free Cell.

I was at my cousin's Monday night on the Dell website helping her pick out a new computer as they were in need of something more updated. There current one is an old one of mine (40 GB hard drive, 256 MB memory) and ready to crash. Although they said they'd only need one for web surfing and for their son to do homework; I could see myself up there 2 years for now saying "You need a new computer." I explained that once they had a computer that worked well, they may find themselves using it for more things; buy one you can grow into rather than just what you need. You can go almost anywhere these days and buy a nice system at a decent price with an 80GB hard drive and 512 MB memory.....and more than likely you'll be told - this is more than you'll ever need. Yeah right. I insisted they go with nothing less than 1 GB memory and since Dell was offering a free upgrade to a 250 GB hard drive...the problem was solved. We were able to pick one, make the changes we wanted, and it should be here next week.

For those wondering, my interview went very well and I'll know something probably by Monday. They're doing interviews all week long and as it turns out there are "2" positions available (another one popped up this week as well but it's not secretarial, but I bet I could do it).