Alrighty Then

I'm not a jewelry person. I only wear my wedding and engagement rings when I'm soon as I get home they go in a little basket on a shelf above the kitchen sink. For our Five Year Anniversary, hubby bought me a 14K white gold ring with our birthstones and our names engraved on it. So there's my jewelry - 3 rings that I wear outside the home.

Today I come home and as usual, pull off my rings and toss them into the basket....except I missed and the rings fell into the sink. I caught my engagement and wedding ring, but the birthstone ring went down the drain. Now I'm not entirely lacking the "fix it" skills that men normally have (I lived by myself for 10 years - you learn quite alot), so I didn't go into a panic as I knew the ring was laying in the part of the pipe know as "the trap".

So I get under the sink, start turning the ring at the pipe and "the trap" being metal and rather rusty decided to break apart in my hands; but there was my ring!!! So I get up and washed the ring AT THE SINK!!!! Yep, the pipe broke, no connection and now I have a small wading pool under the sink. So I clean up that mess, figure I have to go to Wal-Mart anyway, so I'll just pick up a new "trap" and have things up and running in no time.

Alrighty then....

Get back home, connect "the trap" to the pipe and realize the pipe on the other end still has part of the broken trap attached. Go to remove that....and now that pipe, being rusty as well, falls apart. Actually finding it hard to believe I was keeping my cool, I decided to go to Lowe's and search for this replacement pipe which I refer to as the "candy cane shaped pipe"...but before I leave, my hands are dirty and I wash them IN THE SINK!!! Clean that mess and it's off to Lowe's.

This pipe I discover is a "floor pipe"...but when I get home it's much too long to fit. Go back to Lowe's to return it, discover they come no shorter. So I decided to buy a short straight pipe and a curved pipe and make my own. Well it was closer to length but still too long. At this point I decide to wait to hubby gets home. And of course, he cuts the pipe to fit and FINALLY, I have a kitchen sink again. But at this point, I no longer had a desire to do the dishes, cook dinner or anything for that matter.

Friday, March 16. 2007 Kim wrote:I LMAO at the fact that you washed your hands not once, but twice with no pipe!