Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tonight It Begins

Tonight is the first showing of "A Moon For The Misbegotten" with Kevin Spacey at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre in NYC.

As you can see by the countdown at the sidebar, my time is getting close. I'm really getting excited now and anxiously awaiting reviews from the fans that had tickets for tonight.

Sweet dreams!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Computers, Work

I'm a computer person, I love them. My current computer I built and I love learning the fixes and such that come with the little problems that arrive. I'll try about anything with my computer, but I won't with anyone else's.

Last week my Dad purchased a new computer through Dell. The man only uses a computer to play Free Cell and on rare occassions get on the internet (he still has dial-up - so what does that tell you?). He calls me yesterday as he wanted help setting it up. I told him I could probably stop in Thursday after work, but since most cords are now color coded he could probably do it himself. A half hour before leaving work, he calls me again stating there is no color coding and all the cords look the same and there's nothing telling him where to put what. I told him I'd be there after work.

Actually it wasn't a problem. All devices were using USB ports instead of the old fashioned color coded system where all cords looked different. He had not realized that the cords could go into any USB port, he assumed they each had a specific slot. We didn't have much luck getting the internet up though, but he seemed happy to just have Free Cell.

I was at my cousin's Monday night on the Dell website helping her pick out a new computer as they were in need of something more updated. There current one is an old one of mine (40 GB hard drive, 256 MB memory) and ready to crash. Although they said they'd only need one for web surfing and for their son to do homework; I could see myself up there 2 years for now saying "You need a new computer." I explained that once they had a computer that worked well, they may find themselves using it for more things; buy one you can grow into rather than just what you need. You can go almost anywhere these days and buy a nice system at a decent price with an 80GB hard drive and 512 MB memory.....and more than likely you'll be told - this is more than you'll ever need. Yeah right. I insisted they go with nothing less than 1 GB memory and since Dell was offering a free upgrade to a 250 GB hard drive...the problem was solved. We were able to pick one, make the changes we wanted, and it should be here next week.

For those wondering, my interview went very well and I'll know something probably by Monday. They're doing interviews all week long and as it turns out there are "2" positions available (another one popped up this week as well but it's not secretarial, but I bet I could do it).

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Completion of Home Project #2

Home Project #2 has come to a close. Though I may add border near the ceiling at a later time, the project at hand is complete. We started with this:

The Spare Room:

The Computer Desk in the Living Room:

Can you find the kitty in the above picture??? (Hint: he's under the desk).

I now have this:

Some close ups:

(still haven't come up with an idea for those dreaded cords!!)

And no room is complete without the Kevin Spacey touches:

I got coasters for Christmas that you put photos in - and well, I just couldn't resist!!!

But all is not final until we have the Strat Approval Seal and he gives it a thumbs up:

Tuesday, March 20. 2007 Kim wrote:Man, is that cat sacked out on that desk or what?? I love it! Love the room too...looks great! The cords are insane, but we have them too...not a clue what to do about them but if you think of something, let me know!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ho Hum...

I ache all over.  Yesterday, as you know from my previous post, we received a winter storm.  Fortunately, I left work early to avoid having to drive on the slippery roads later.   Well hubby's car went on the blink and I had to drive back to Hagerstown and pick him up (so much for being safely home).  I guess he somewhat felt guilty for my having to do that, so once in Hagerstown he decided we'd go to Office Max and look at computer desks.

For those that read here (or work with me), you're aware we just remodel the basement to put the guinea pigs and rabbits there.  This left the spare bedroom empty which I decided to make into the computer room/home office.  The painting is complete in there but my current computer desk lacks desk space and is just junky all the time, so I decided an "L" shaped corner desk would be a good solution.

I began searching online, found something I liked and then searched for the best price - which I found on the web and they offered free shipping. 

Well.....I happened into Office Max the other day (they happen to be having a HUGE furniture sale, and clearance items are an additional 40% off the lowest marked price) and they have this particular set.  It's extremely cheaply made for what it cost and the cabinet and hutch together was shorter than I am (I'm 5'3").  So when I got back to work, I got online, shot off an email to the place I'd ordered from to cancel and almost immediately they called and said they'd take care of it (I've yet to get that confirmation email but they haven't charged my card yet either - so that's a good sign).

So in the winter storm off we go to Office Max.  I found a set I liked on clearance with an additional 40% off and ended up costing less than the one above.

This collection is very heavy wood, but I'll admit despite what instructions normally look like when you have to put something together...there was no questioning...instructions matched exactly how to get it together.  All the items:  2 desks, corner unit, hutch and lateral file; wouldn't fit into the car so poor sweet hubby made the second trip back to get the rest.  But anyway, this is why I'm all achey - hours spent on the floor putting furniture together is not easy work and not something I'm use to.

Now I'm just waiting for him to get home to run my cable wire so I can move the computer into there.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Alrighty Then

I'm not a jewelry person. I only wear my wedding and engagement rings when I'm soon as I get home they go in a little basket on a shelf above the kitchen sink. For our Five Year Anniversary, hubby bought me a 14K white gold ring with our birthstones and our names engraved on it. So there's my jewelry - 3 rings that I wear outside the home.

Today I come home and as usual, pull off my rings and toss them into the basket....except I missed and the rings fell into the sink. I caught my engagement and wedding ring, but the birthstone ring went down the drain. Now I'm not entirely lacking the "fix it" skills that men normally have (I lived by myself for 10 years - you learn quite alot), so I didn't go into a panic as I knew the ring was laying in the part of the pipe know as "the trap".

So I get under the sink, start turning the ring at the pipe and "the trap" being metal and rather rusty decided to break apart in my hands; but there was my ring!!! So I get up and washed the ring AT THE SINK!!!! Yep, the pipe broke, no connection and now I have a small wading pool under the sink. So I clean up that mess, figure I have to go to Wal-Mart anyway, so I'll just pick up a new "trap" and have things up and running in no time.

Alrighty then....

Get back home, connect "the trap" to the pipe and realize the pipe on the other end still has part of the broken trap attached. Go to remove that....and now that pipe, being rusty as well, falls apart. Actually finding it hard to believe I was keeping my cool, I decided to go to Lowe's and search for this replacement pipe which I refer to as the "candy cane shaped pipe"...but before I leave, my hands are dirty and I wash them IN THE SINK!!! Clean that mess and it's off to Lowe's.

This pipe I discover is a "floor pipe"...but when I get home it's much too long to fit. Go back to Lowe's to return it, discover they come no shorter. So I decided to buy a short straight pipe and a curved pipe and make my own. Well it was closer to length but still too long. At this point I decide to wait to hubby gets home. And of course, he cuts the pipe to fit and FINALLY, I have a kitchen sink again. But at this point, I no longer had a desire to do the dishes, cook dinner or anything for that matter.

Friday, March 16. 2007 Kim wrote:I LMAO at the fact that you washed your hands not once, but twice with no pipe!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

So The Basement Is Complete

Well my basement is complete. We started with this:

Got this:

And Finished With This:

And Strat Gave His Seal Of Approval:

Friday, March 9, 2007

The End of The Week

Well the end of the week is finally here!!! I always look forward to the weekend...course this weekend Daylight Savings Time goes into affect and I certainly hate losing an hours sleep. Though I'll enjoy the longer evenings...I'd so much prefer it to be "light" when I wake up in the morning. It's hard to get going in the dark!!

Well my Broadway tickets have finally arrived. It doesn't seem like it was all that long ago I was waiting for the show to be announced - 2 months from now - I'll be in NYC!!!! Can't believe it's this close.

Tonight we finish the basement and move the guinea pigs downstairs. Then we're going to touch up the paint in the spare room. It's nice to see that project coming to an end.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Everyday Life

Home Project 2 Update: Well the basement is painted and the carpet is rolled out waiting to be glued down.....the spare room is painted other than some touch-ups I need to do. Hopefully this coming weekend I can get the guinea pigs moved down there. As always these projects take more time and work than I like.

New York Trip: No new news here....apparently the show tickets are out in the mail, so hopefully mine will arrive soon. Other than that, there's not much more to tell in this area.

Work: Well, what can I is!!! There's really no big changes when it comes to my job - same stuff everyday of the week, wish it could be a little more exciting.

Message Boards: If you were a hollywood star - would you appreciate it if a member of your staff was sending out "tidbits" of your personal life to just any fan that happened to email them? Me neither...I'm sure Kevin Spacey doesn't like it either.