Yes We Are Gluttons For Punishment

Above is a room in my basement. I've decided to redo this room and put the rabbits (already there) and guinea pigs down there. Yes, you'd think we'd of learned laying the floor....but Home Project is back up and running.

Actually this one should be easier. The room is all concrete (walls and floor) and painted green. It had recessed lighting, but hubby just put in regular lights. We added a small heater as there is no heat in the basement (and heats a must for guinea pigs), but hopefully by next season we will have a gas insert in the fireplace to help with the heat. All that needs done now is a paint job and we've opted for indoor-outdoor carpet for the floor. Sounds easy, sounds cheap...but you never know with us!!! I'm hoping to pack up what junk is left and clean up the walls and such this week, paint next weekend and then get the carpet the next. Once complete, the pigs will move down with the rabbits. I noticed that 90% of the dirt/dust in our home comes from the shavings that line the cages. Putting them downstairs will help eliminate that problem.

I then plan on taking the spare room (which currently houses the pigs) and create a small office for myself. My computer desk and accessories have taken over one part of the living room and I decided I needed my own space. The room will also consists of a daybed (money pending) for when my step-daughter is home from college and opts our place instead of her mother's. In case you're wondering what we do with her now...well believe it or not she actually sleeps in that empty room in the basement in the picture above!!! There is a bed in the end of the room you are not seeing, and we have cleaned out the other furniture and such that used to be there. Both the kids had created this room and didn't seem to mind the lack of heat or the interior. That bed will actually remain in that part of the room for her as well.

This is Maggie and Megan. They recently moved to the basement. And yes, they actually do live in a 2-level cage.