Time to "Weigh Down"

No matter what I do, I always end back at this weight issue.  I read all the diets and cannot get motivated or even find one that I know I'll stick too.  Dieting is a tough thing - it's not really a temporary thing - it has to be a lifestyle change.  That's why I keep coming back to the Christian based "Weigh Down Workshop".  You may find a group in your area hosting the program or you can do the online one - but if you just by the book, you can do it all yourself and without the $$$$ pricetag.

Gwen Shamblin is the founder of WDW and she has some very good words of wisdom.  She says that diets fail because we try to make the food behave and with a diet all we think about is food!!  She's right you know...when going on a diet (whether it's Atkins, Curves, South Beach, Weight Watchers, etc...) the whole diet has you focused on food - you have to shop for food, plan menus, weigh the food, measure the food, prepare the food - if you diet with a group, then you sit around talking about food and sharing recipes.  Diets prepare you for failure because you're focusing on the one thing you shouldn't be. 

She also says that diets adhere to man made rules and not God rules.  Man made rules consist of: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner; there's starving children in Africa-clean your plate.  This food is good for you, this one isn't and so on.  Ever eat just because it's time to eat, even if you're not hungry?  Gwen says it's time to listen to your body and feed it when it says your hungry (stomach grumbles for most) and to stop eating when it says it's satisfied (not stuffed).  She says if you turn to God and ask for his guidance and seek obedience to Him; you'll lose the weight and be free of diets forever.

I know this diet works, I've done it...but again when I didn't consider God a lifetime commitment and chose the path to do it my way....the weight came back.  Guess there's sense in that; not just with food but in all aspects of life..things go better if you choose God's way.