New York City And The Flu

After a week of running from it, the Flu finally caught me on Thursday and has had me down for the weekend. I do feel better today but my head is very stuffy. I am fortunate to have caught the flu involving the cold...the other one going around work is the one involving the stomach - and puking just freaks me out!!!

NYC is still a go. I'm now thinking of flying in on Tuesday night - giving all day Wednesday for sightseeing. For those that have asked - no Hubby is not going with me...I'm going alone and meeting another Spacey fan - Marlene, from New Mexico - when I get there. No, I've never met Marlene in person before and Yes, she's promised she's not a serial killer or rapist!!!! Funny, how the people at work were initially appalled that I would consider meeting a total stranger I met on the internet and they were concerned of whom she may be (which is nice to know they care that much). My Mother didn't seem too concerned (which was surprising); my one sister finds it entirely odd, but as she's not one to take the step out of the "box" (as the saying goes) that doesn't surprise me.

Prior to "the world wide web", I met fans of my past crushes through magazines and fan clubs and did the letter writing thing. I do have a very good friend of many years - Jody, Ft. Washington, MD - whom I went to many Loverboy concerts with and got to know her entire wonderful family as well. No one found that odd for me to go stay with a total stranger the first time...but when you mention the internet - people tend to think "stalker".

Anyway, Marlene tells me she hasn't been on vacation in 10 years!!! So she's flying in earlier to do some things I'm not interested in and visit family, then we'll meet up on Tuesday and try not to drive each other crazy until Monday morning - lol!!! Though the whole trip started with seeing Kevin Spacey on Broadway, I must say I am anxious to get back to the city. I love big cities and wish at some time in my younger life I had had the nerve to pack up and go live there!!! So this adventure became an extended one around the two shows. Besides Kevin, we're hoping for Ellis Island, Ground Zero and The Bodies Exhibit...actually I'm leaving the details to Marlene - she seems to be really into planning things, and she's welcome to that.

This trip is offering me more than Kevin Spacey. I've always wanted to fly and have never had the opportunity - so guess what??? I'm going to fly into NYC all by myself. I know, I could take the bus, Amtrak or drive myself there and leave the car at Port Authority.....but I don't want to. Amtrak is actually more expensive then flying; and driving or bus will take several hours. I've yet to decide on an airline (though I'm leaning towards JetBlue) and which airport to land at (JetBlue only goes to JFK); but I'm very excited about this. So the trip now has the excitement of Kevin and flying - could there be more??? Actually, yes - not only am I meeting Marlene for the first time ever.......but Ginger, Jackie and Joanne (all Spacey fans) from online as well. We'll catch up with Joanne after her show on the 10th, Ginger at the Matinee (her seat is right next to our's - some coincident huh?) and Jackie is aiming for the Matinee as well. Now if we could get some of the others in the chatroom (hint, hint - Jen, Liss) to come........

So I could use advise on airlines and NY airports and the best way to get from the airport to the please leave your comments!!!


Sunday, February 04. 2007 Kim wrote:
I didn't realize you were going for a whole week! Take lots of pictures!
I recommend SouthWest Air or Jet Blue, though I have never flown the latter, but they are both reasonable in price. Are you renting a car once you get there or doing the bus/taxi thing?
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Sunday, February 04. 2007 Laura wrote:Well I got a good rate at Delta with my AAA card, so that's what I'm flying. I've heard good things about JetBlue though. Do you really think it's safe for me to drive in NYC???? (lol) - nope shuttling from the airport and the rest of the trip will be walk, bus, subway, etc.....
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Sunday, February 04. 2007 Jenny wrote:
Ok if you are like eveyone else in our family then you my dear are directionally challenged so whatever you do DO NOT try to drive in New York. You will enjoy yourself so much more without the hassle of a car. About the airports....I probably been to most of the big airports in the US and none are any better than the next one. LA and Chicago are the worst but NY.....not that bad.Have fun and be safe and enjoy evey second of it.Remember New York never sleeps!!!!!