Home Project Number Two

I have great ideas. As a matter of fact, once that idea is in my head...I think it needs started immediately and completed just as fast.

A few posts back I mentioned the remodeling of a room in the basement. We started that project this weekend. I'm the kind of person that when I think of painting...I think you buy paint, roll it on the wall and a half hour later you're done!!! Hmmmmm.......

We're painting a concrete basement wall. It had been painted a mint green apparently many, many years ago. We got a lot of advice from Lowe's and Wal-Mart - Lowe's claimed that since it had been painted before, just slap on any type of paint....Wal-Mart suggested that since water is sometimes an issue a waterproofing masonry paint was the answer. Who to believe???? I asked the garage mechanic at work (he does home improvement work on the side) and he said the masonry paint - it doesn't matter if it's been painted before or not (Lowe's claimed that was a problem). I'll take the garage mechanic's word over the teenager at Lowe's (who has probably never painted before in his life). After some internet research stating the same, we bought the Dry-Lok Masonry paint.

You don't have a whole lot of choices when it comes to color - White, Beige or Gray. We chose Beige (which is really an off-white). Dry-Lok turned out to be $5 more a gallon then what I had hoped to pay, but we wanted the job done right. So we buy it, get home and start.....Dry-Lok is VERY thick, you're not suppose to thin it and spreading it is HARD work. Guess you can figure out where my interest in painting went? Yep, I'm doing laundry and hubby is finishing the painting!!! And as always, the venture has become more expensive then original anticipated and we still need the carpet....but I keep telling myself, hopefully, the project will be completed next week.