This week at work we discovered the "Belief-o-Matic" online at work.  This is a quiz you take regarding your religious beliefs and it takes those answers and tells you which religion you are.  I took this quiz and discovered I was 100% Orthodox Quaker followed by 98% Liberal Christian.  One co-worker was a Reformed Jew, another was a Mormon (much to her shock), another was Catholic (which she is), one was a Pagen (he admitted that yes he was and please don't tell his wife) and one as expected was Atheist. 

The atheist is probably my very favorite person I work with...he interviewed me and did my background check, so he knows me better than anyone else!!  He's the type of atheist though that accepts others right to their belief, but after we all took the quiz, God became the topic of discussion.  He was insistent on "actual proof" that there was a God.  He also used the "why is there so much problem in the world" also.  Unfortunately, I am not educated enough in my faith to give plausible answers.  But all of a sudden he starts asking about the "Ark"!!  After all, it would of had to of been huge and if it existed - why haven't we found it yet????  And how did they get all those animals in there and how did they know none of the animals were gay???  Needless to say we were rolling with laughter, but I was able to tell him the purpose of animals being in the ark was to re-populate the earth after the flood, so they had to be male and female - it couldn't work any other way!!!  I think there may be hope for him yet.

You can take the test here:  But may I offer some advice?  Be honest with it - I know that my Catholic co-worker actually equaled out to what she is because she chose the answers the church taught her-not necessarily what she believed (and through discussion, I know she doesn't believe the Catholic faith totally).  Choose what you believe not necessarily what you've been taught.

I don't know about the Quaker thing...but I can say I probably am a Liberal Christian.