Today I Started

Today I started some of my resolutions.  I went to church (twice a month was my goal so I'm halfway there), I had hubby set up the Gazelle Walker in the basement (now that there is room for it), I did a 1/2 hour of Bible study at home and I reset my goals and starting point at Spark People which included preparing my menu for tomorrow.  Now I know Curves is also part of the deal, but with hubby's car in the shop and he having to share mine...well Curves isn't an option at the moment - but the Gazelle is, so I think the exercise goal counts.

Church was very interesting today.  They have a new Pastor and this was his first day.  I know I should be saying "we" instead of "they".  I did grow up in this church, but left for personal reasons which I won't go into.  I joined another church, was married there and was somewhat involved, however, during the last presidential election...well let's just say it became TOO political.  Have been wandering ever since and found my way back to my original church.  I still need to make that final commitment by transferring my membership, but I'm getting there.  However, the new Pastor seems very nice and I'm looking forward to seeing what changes he'll bring to the church.  Unfortunately the church had a huge split a year ago involving 1/2 the church leaving and starting their own.  So the church is rebuilding and I'm sure it will take quite a few years before it will be thriving again.  However today I noticed a "need" for a children's class during the church service.  Some of the children are just too young to sit through the service, it's too long of a period.  And though the congregation is small and therefore not an abundance of children are there, I think the need is still there.  I'm praying about this, I'm not quite sure I'm ready to take on this mission.

Got all the Christmas decorations down today both inside and out.  Despite how much I love the season, it's always nice to get back to normal.

I want to extend a CONGRATULATIONS to one of the Spacey Gals from the Driving Mr. Spacey chatroom - Jackie - for her engagement over the holidays.  Good Luck To You!!!