The Countdown Is Beginning

Well tickets for Kevin Spacey's play will be for sale in February so my nerves and excitement are up!!!! I can't believe I'm finally this close - so keep your fingers crossed for me...need those tickets!!!

Looks Gorgeous Doesn't He?????

Kevin is in L.A. apparently to attend some of the Golden Globe parties and probably to do some Triggerstreet business. Here he is arriving at the airport:

And at one of the pre-parties:

Always nice to see him out and about.

On a more personal my new year's resolutions aren't going well (I've no willpower what-so-ever) and work has been blah!!! And speaking of work - to Kim at . Please hang in there sweetie, I know how you feel. I go to work daily and deal with a boss I have absolutely NO respect for in the least. I can have no respect for him if he cannot respect me. I've always told him that I know he doesn't like me - which he'll deny...however, you KNOW when someone doesn't like you - and I KNOW he doesn't like me. So it makes work hard. In your particular case however, you're dealing with a new boss coming're still in an adjustment phase; it could just be God testing you. I know he's tested you in many areas of your life, but I'm sure it is only because he has such a wonderful plan for you. Keep your chin up and keep praying!!!! Take it to God, before taking it to your boss.