Okay, so no I haven't.......

I hate to admit it, but so far, I've stuck to none of my resolutions - they're still in the works, but life has just not allowed it.  Hubby's car is broke, leaving us with one car to work our schedules around and earlier in the week I thought I was coming down with that flu going around, but fortunately it never arrived.

I did spend some time today giving the blog a new look.  I've added some items to the sidebar and hope to have a few more soon.  I'm trying out some different things but they may change as I work this out.  I like change.

I did clean out my closet today, have 2 bags for goodwill and a bag for trash.  And now my closet is nice and organized.  We've been cleaning the basement - we've had 3 loads of trash hauled and have another to go; the basement looks nice and I'm beginning to think we should do our entertaining there as the rest of the house has become a mess because we've been working on the basement in our spare time!!!

In case you're wondering...yes, I do still plan on going to NYC - just waiting for tickets to go on sale.



    • Sunday, January 07. 2007 Kim wrote:
      Yes, I did a little basement cleaning myself today..ugh! As well as put away the rest of the Christmas decorations. I also got annoyed with our new pastor today, but I can't blog it because he has read my blog!
      We need to get you out there more...you need to find some other blogs to comment on or some rings to belong to, so you can increase the traffic to your blog. Do some of those Spacey friends of yours have blogs?
      Like the new look too!
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    • Thursday, January 18. 2007 Andrea wrote:
      Yes Laura, the blog looks better now. I'm sure as the time is passing you'll have more and more visitors on this site... Hope my bad English won't drive away the callers
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