New York City Here I Come

So I'm patiently awaiting confirmation for a room at the Radio City Apartments ( in NYC for May 9-14th. There website says it's available but the email confirmation was a "pre-registration" and we'll know for sure within 72 hours.

This was our first choice place. Mind you, it's not a fancy place; but all I really need is a clean room and shower, I don't need all the "extras". It's in a central location and the reviews at are very good. And the price is right - $155.00 a night for a 2 double bed room. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Then it's just the wait for tickets for the show to go on sale. And then it's trying to get tickets to fall within that time period. Once I have a hotel booked and a ticket in hand to see that gorgeous man...I'll be alot more pleasant to be around - lol!!!!

Wish me luck!!!