And Now The Holiday Comes To A Close

Hard to believe that Christmas is now over.  It's seems like you spend forever getting ready and in a split second - it's done! 

I actually did well this Christmas, hubby bought me a new digital camera - an Olympus Stylus 710.  It has 7.1 megapixels and is about the size of my palm.  I'll admit, I had hinted quite a bit over the past month.  The one he bought was my top choice but I had picked out cheaper ones I'd of been satisfied with - God love him, he bought the one I really wanted.

  Step kids got me a photo album/journal gift set with colored pens and a whole pack of different colored Sharpie markers.  I actually found this a creative gift - I'll use it all and it beats the normal scented body lotions/sprays/bath washes and/or scented candles that is the norm.  Not that I want to sound ungrateful, but the truth is I have dozens of scented candles and though I do use the scented bath washes...the lotions and sprays irritate my skin terribly for some reason.  It's just nice to get something I really can use.  I got gift certificates from my family, the third season of Smallville from my one neice, money from my parents and little odds and ends.  My husband's family chose to do a "thieves" gift exchange.  It's where everyone brings a gift and you draw names and choose from the pile - the hitch is, that when your name is called you may take from the pile or "steal" a gift from someone that has already chosen.  I stole mine from my stepson, and came home with a Brita Water Filtration Pitcher and photo coasters.  That may seem odd to you, but I really wanted that pitcher.  I drink lots of water.  My step daughter ended up with the gift I had brought - a portable dvd player.

Actually a thieves gift exchange can be very hard.  I had to come up with a gift that was appropriate for both male and female and for ages 14 thru 80.   It wasn't an easy choice.  At some point, I just had to find something and the dvd player fit the bill.  Actually a gift card was my first choice, but then I thought - that's so obvious and what if everyone does that?  Then we'd just be exchanging one card for another - what fun is that?  As it turns out, only 3 gift cards existed in the pile - good ones....but it was nice that some good gifts were thought of too - like my water pitcher!!!!  Course the cards were nice ones - they were Visa gift cards, so you can use them for whatever and where ever you want - hubby got one of them.

Now to get through New Years.


    • Tuesday, December 26. 2006 Kim wrote:
      Glad to hear that Christmas went well! I managed to refrain from egging anyone's car (which is more than I can say about what I did in high school to PM's car!). Still angry though.
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