This is my Toby. About March of this year, I decided I wanted a dog. I didn't want to go the pet store or breeder route, I wanted a rescue. I soon learned, that these days, adopting a pet is like adopting a child. Now I know it's important to adopt to good homes; but some of the local humane societies and rescue groups make it nearly impossible. I have nothing to hide, but I do not think it's necessary for a house inspection, credit check or several interviews to adopt a pet. A child - yes; a dog - no. All you would need to do is call my Vet. He'll tell you I had a guinea pig one time that had $200 surgery. I think that shows I'm a responsible pet owner.

But I decided I wanted a dog. So I began a search online at . I found a rescue in Mechanicsburg, PA called Molly's Place Rescue . They didn't seem to have the huge adoption process that most places had. I found the picture above and fell in love...the rescue had named him "Kingsley" and had him listed as a dauchsand/terrier mix at 6 months of age.

My husband and I drove up. There are 2 cat rooms in this place, where all the cats are just wandering around. When you walk in the door you're in an immediate area with dogs wandering about. There's also an enclosed dog area (for the more aggressive ones) and puppies were behind glass. "Kingsley" along with his sisters "Sissy, Prissy and Sassy" were behind glass. As soon as hubby and I looked in we both said "oh he'll get too big" and immediately walked away. I then began to look at some of the Jack Russell Terriers they had. It was hard to look however, everytime I picked a dog up and tried to set down with it...another dogs face would be right there. There was no way to get to know a dog. "Kingsley" kept scratching at the glass at us, but he was "too big"...we left empty handed.

About 3 weeks later we stopped in a pet store and saw this dear little beagle (my husband's favorite breed). We hadn't really wanted a small puppy, but he was adorable. However, his price tag was $500.00 (and that didn't include papers, shots or anything really). We decided that was too much to fork out. When we got home I got back on Molly's Rescue site and low and behold...there was a one year old beagle - "Beasley" as they called him. We decided to go up the next day.

We got there right as they opened with a ton of other people (the place isn't very big), there was a lot of commotion going on. "Beasley" immediately began howling and never shut up the whole time we were there - we immediately decided Beasley was "too noisy". However, their in the corner behind the desk was a little brown dog. He was very shy and wouldn't come to me...but I immediately recognized him as "Kingsley" - but hubby said I was wrong "Kingsley" was bigger than that. However, we both liked this particular dog, and the staff confirmed that it was indeed "Kingsley"; and that that was all the bigger he would get. It didn't take us long to decide that we wanted to take him home. It became an ordeal, not because the adoption process is long but mostly because of all the commotion going on in the place due to a group of children showing up to volunteer (in the mist of all the other customers there). While I was doing the paperwork, the staff bathed and frontlined "Kingsley" (who by the way, was already neutered and had initial shots). Hubby was holding him when a lady approached him asking if that were "Kingsley" and if so were we planning on adopting him. Hubby quickly told her that yes the adoption was in progress. He then directed her over to "Kingsley's" sisters (she did adopt one of them by the way). Adoption in hand, we went home with "Toby" (yes, I changed his name).

I'd like to say this was an easy process. My cats weren't happy and I went into an immediate depression for about the first the point that I wanted to return him. But in the end it all worked out, and I wouldn't give him up for anything!!! And as it turned out, he wasn't "too big" after all.