The Weigh Down Workshop

I'm no stranger to dieting.  That should be obvious as I've started and stopped many times.  I always have the greatest intentions, but I immediately get tired of reading labels, weighing food and planning menus.  Dieting is not an easy task.

A few years back, my church did a diet class called "The Weigh Down Workshop" (WDW).  WDW is a faith based program - .  Another faith based one is "Thin Within" - .   Both basically work the same.  They are not your normal diet programs.  Their goal is to take your focus off food and put the focus on God.

When I did this program through the church, the entire church was also doing "The 40 Days of Purpose".  My faith very much grew during that time period.  And as strange as the WDW guidelines are - they work!!!

WDW does not provide a menu plan; there's no "good food" or "bad food" list.  There's no measuring, weighing and planning;  no special foods to buy - no exercise required.

So how does it work?  Mostly by pray and depending on God to help you not to overeat.  That's the key.  It may sound strange, but it works.  Now once I stopped depending on God, my weight came back and I've been trying every diet since.  This week, I dusted off my WDW program and decided to start over.  Right now, I'm transferring the cassette tapes over onto CD, so I can listen to them going to and from work.  They're mostly motivational.   Both of the programs I've listed above offer online classes or can direct you to a class nearby.  But you can do both just with the books that are available.  You can purchase them on ebay, at the sites or at amazon.  And you'll definitely need a Bible.

Your body tells you when it's hungry.  Once you get out of the habit of the man-made rules of breakfast, lunch and dinner - you eat when you're hungry not just because it's time to eat.  You eat until you are full, not until you are stuffed.  Going out to eat?  Eat 1/2 of everything on your plate or rate your food - eat all of your favorite thing, 3/4 or your next favorite, 1/2 of your next......   Get the picture?  You can eat whatever you want, just have God help teach you when to stop.

With other diets your focus is on food - reading about it, measuring/weighing it, and planning menus for it.  Think about it for a can you stick to the program, if your focus is on the food???  Direct your focus to God instead and the food won't matter as much.  It seems strange, but it does work.

Over at amazon there are other faith based diet books.  I know nothing about them, but hopefully they are the same type.  "Thin Within" and "Thin From Within" are two different studies. 

If anyone would like to join me in faith based weight loss...please email me, I'd like to set up a yahoo group. 



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