The Art of Laying The Floor Part 3 & Other Things

Just a quick update....the floor is almost complete. One more board to go - around a doorway, so it'll take some cutting I'm giving him a break. Then the molding and everything can get back in place in time for Thanksgiving (hopefully). I must say this weekend was much better, no cussing what-so-ever!!!! Not even by me - and I hammered my thumb!!! Hurt, hurt, hurt....I thought I was either going to pass out or puke. Fortunately it turned out not to be too bad, as my thumb is normal - like it never happened.

Currently watching "The Bachelor" - The Women Tell All. Although I find this show stupid and very degrading to women...I can't help but enjoy the entertainment of watching young women with their entire lives ahead of them, so desperate to find a husband. I really like the ones that are in love with him before they even meet him. Why does society still insist on making women feel worthless if they don't have a man???

I've also never updated on Thanksgiving Dinner. Hubby insists on doing the turkey himself - so I'm letting him.