The Art of Laying The Floor Part 1

So we started with the laminate floor yesterday and almost have the dining room complete. Despite how easy they make it sound, this is a very time consuming task. Yes, the boards just snap together, but they forget to mention that some boards will have to be cut and that you need to stagger boards to make the floor look right.

For starters, there was old brown carpeting in both the hallway and dining area. We pulled that back to reveal a hardwood floor. Unfortunately, due to pet urine stains...refinishing was not an option and replacing the damaged area was too expensive:

Dining Room:


There's lots of prep worked involved in this as well: Cleaning the floor completely, pulling up staples, loose nails, fixing squeaks and creaks. I walked on the floor hunting for creaks as hubby hammered and cussed. He then finished off the prep work, with Strat supervising:

Strat inspected the materials:

Once approval of material was complete, the task began. Despite Strat's supervisory skills - the padding was laid wrong:

But once I noticed that the side that said "Install with this side up" was facing the was corrected:

What's done so far:

Which, of course, Strat inspected: