Thanksgiving Dinner

Each year my husband and I alternate between his family and mine for Thanksgiving. It originally started because he had his children every other year, so when he had them we spent it with his family. The children are grown now, one being 21 and the other 19; so that isn't a big issue anymore, but we've continued to alternate this particular holiday.

The difference between my family and his is that my family gets together at my parent's house and share the holiday. His family waits until the last minute to make a decision - will it be at his Mom's or at his sister's in Winchester? Will everyone be able to attend? Should we eat at a restaurant like his mother has wanted to do for years? I love these people dearly, but they are the most unorganized people when it comes to holidays.

So since this year is our year with his family, I made the decision early - we'll have it at our house. Now I've started the task of a good housecleaning (of course, you'd never know it by looking at it) and seeing how to prepare a large meal ( I normally only cook for two). Hubby will help with the housecleaning. The first order of business was the carpet in the hallway. We have cats. My dear sweet Samantha (whom we had put to sleep 3 years ago) had an issue with leaving clothes on the floor. I would often sort my laundry into piles in the hallway - she'd pee on them. Needless to say, despite all the cleaning you do..cats can continue to smell the urine, even when you can't. After Samantha, the other cats just chose to pee there. While housebreaking the dog this year - he chose the same area as well. So though we probably have adjusted to the odor, I'm sure visitors pick it right up when they walk in the door. So my big cleaning project this year was to rip up that carpet. We had done this in the spare bedroom a year ago revealing a beautiful hardwood floor. This floor continues throughout the house.

Now I'm no dummy. Cats have been peeing in this area for sometime. Wood and moisture just don't mix. But hubby was certain with the great amount of padding under the carpet that the damage would be minimal. I on the other hand was certain there would be noticeable damage. Boy, was I ever right. The smell is gone, but that floor has huge dark spots on it. I'm beginning to think we will have to replace boards. And since we've pulled up the carpet, hubby seems to have no more interest in the project. See the dilemma? Thanksgiving dinner, icky floor in hallway? Hmmmm......

On a brighter note, I've decided to follow the Holiday Guide here:

for our holiday meal.